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by Contagious Team

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Heineken turns to Twitter to help fans find new places to hang out

Dutch beer brand Heineken is turning to Twitter to help drinkers make the most of their city. The @wherenext campaign compiles social media activity to suggest restaurants, cafés and bars nearby.

The algorithm scans tweets, check-ins and photos across Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, analysing popularity and customer review data to make recommendations on where users should head next.

The user simply has to tweet @wherenext with their location and the service will respond will a variety of options and a link to a mobile-responsive website, containing reviews and images of the suggestions.

The tool was developed by R/GA, London as part of the brand’s global Cities of The World campaign.

Contagious Insight

Contextual content / We’ve been talking about the importance of context for a while here at Contagious, and this is a brilliant example of a brand using data to create an experience altogether more engaging by being so relevant to people’s lives. By using location-based services to continuously scrape the social web for a myriad of different data points (including volume of tweets, sentiment analysis, user reviews, etc.) Heineken can keep serving up content that’s relevant, helping its audience to stay on top of the city’s rapidly changing social scene.

Useful utility / It’s also interesting to note that Heineken has plumped for making the most of an existing platform rather than creating a branded app. It’s an easy way to reduce the barrier to entry, making it easier and quicker for people to use the service, therefore maximising the campaign’s chances of success.

With research around branded apps showing that, more often than not, they fail to have the desired effect on the audience, it’s a smart move. According to iMedia Connection, 93% of consumers say branded apps don’t contribute to their brand loyalty, while Deloitte research has found that 80% of branded apps are downloaded fewer than 1,000 times.

Branded without the brand / Heineken’s light brand touch was a conscious decision to protect the campaign’s integrity. Paul Smailes, Heineken’s global head of digital, said of the choice: ‘What we found out from research was that there were varying degrees of credibility of trust for a brand to do it, people felt like, “Is this just going to be a Heineken bar finder service?” We absolutely did not want to provide that kind of service or the perception that that was what we were doing.’ Similarly, the service isn’t limited to places that serve Heineken, allowing for a much wider selection of places to visit. Both show an admirable dedication to putting users before the brand, helping to create a service that’s genuinely useful.



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