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It's that time again: Support Contagious content at SXSW

by Contagious Team
There are two constants around SXSW: Hotels downtown sell out early, and everyone's going to pimp their panels during the Panel Picker process.

We can't offer rooms at the Hilton for votes for our content, but you can still make your SXSW Panel Picker voice heard and contribute to the Contagious slate. We've got some of our closest pals together to offer a group of possible panels and talks that'll enhance your Austin experience (and could probably stand alone as their own conference). 

But we won't be on stage without your help. So here's what we've got. 

If you were at Cannes, you probably saw us kick off Innovation Day with 'Teaching new tech old tricks,' our rousing call-to-arms that enlisted everyone from Howard Luck Gossage to Bill Bernbach to Mary Wells Lawrence to show that advertising's always understood innovation, but it has merely had a crisis of confidence. Vote to see our editorial director, Americas Nick Parish update and reprise the talk Stateside

Contagious and Leo Burnett's collaboration, 'Brands: Connective tissue between people and tech,' will explore how marketers strive to solve some of the pain points in people's lives by scaling innovation and becoming the connective tissue between amazing new technologies and real people. If you're the kind of person who thinks advertising is a dirty word, maybe this panel will change your mind. Leo Burnett's Global Head of Social and Mobile James Kirkham and Parish will step into the immediate future to identify miraculous innovations that will quickly be brought into the mainstream by brands.

Meanwhile, our Singapore-based head of Insider, Tara Hirebet, is bringing intel from APAC, namely of the amazing opportunities for marketers in reaching Chinese women with 'Winning over China's Wired Women,' presented along with Padmini Pandya and Evelina Lye from SapientNitro

We're potentially also joining Deeplocal, Google and Hallmark to talk about the intersection between R&D and product development in 'Culture Clash: When Marketing and Product Converge'. As the description says, 'The rigid division between product and marketing departments is breaking down, driven by the need to constantly innovate. Marketing teams are becoming innovation groups, where radical new concepts are developed and tested on large audiences. Product departments are inviting marketing and a new breed of innovation agencies into product ideation.' We'll be joining Ann Herrick from Hallmark, Deeplocal founder Nathan Martin and Google's Tyler Bahl

Lastly, if you can't fix it, why not burn it down and go home? That's the proposition behind 'Advertising's Dirty Little Secrets,' organised by Max Lenderman from School and joined by us and John Winsor from Victors & Spoils. 'There’s a quiet revolution going on to try and destroy the advertising industry as it is today to try and build it for tomorrow. Here’s a chance to meet the ad contrarians and whistle-blowers who are trying to change everything we hate about advertising.'

That's it. As they say, vote early and vote often. The conference experience you save may be your own.