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Cookie brand sends delicious little parcels across the USA

American cookie company Oreo is sending tiny versions of its iconic snack through the post.

Fans can log on to the Oreo Mini Delivery microsite to send a free Oreo Mini through the post to a pal. Only 500 of the “wonderfilled” boxes, created with 360i, are available each day, and given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who miss out are given the option to digitally send a cookie-themed GIF instead.

The brand is also sending parcels to 50 tiny towns in the US to promote the activity.

The cookie-gifting campaign builds on the ‘Mel’s Mini Mini Mart’ ad that Oreo launched earlier this year with The Martin Agency (above). The sweet spot tells the story of a tiny shop that stocks only miniature cookies.

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Selective sampling / Oreo Mini Delivery gets people to try an extremely well-known product in a way that’s much more imaginative than standard sampling. Taking the approach of selectivity rather than scale turns the mass market all-American product into a rarity, enhancing it with exclusivity and intrigue.

What’s more, the attention-to-detail that Oreo is putting into the packaging makes for a picture perfect Instagram snap, ensuring the samples have in-built shareability far beyond the initial recipient’s mailbox. It’s reminiscent of Heinz’s Get Well Soup campaign, which allowed people to send personalised cans of the hearty canned food to friends feeling under-the-weather.

All the small things / Not only are smaller packages helping to revitalise a wealth of product categories, but the smaller size taps into our seemingly unstoppable love of little things, generating PR buzz while still emphasising the product’s main feature.

It’s an approach that’s been adopted to great success by other food and drink brands. Coca-Cola recently ran its own shrunken campaign, installing tiny booths selling the brand’s smaller sized cans in Berlin. According to the agency, the booths sold an average of 380 cans per day, some 278% more than Coke’s typical vending machine, as well as generating significant media attention around the brand’s new package size.

Oreo Mini Delivery


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