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EA Sports creates an online meme maker for NFL fans

Game creator EA is helping NFL fans virtually trash talk each other with its new online GIF generator. The aptly-named GIFerator, created to draw attention to the brand’s popular Madden game series, is tied to real-time football action. During big NFL games, GIFs created using EA graphics will stream on the Madden NFL site, free for fans to re-purpose with their own headlines.

NFL fanatics simply go to the GIFerator homepage and pick their favourite team. Fans are then presented with a range of different game-based GIFs to pick from, including key moments from the matches and several different background options. After adding their own text (or selecting from the pre-created suggestions), GIFs can be shared on social networking sites using the hashtag #MaddenGIFERATOR.

The project was conceived by agencies Heat, San Francisco, and Grow, Norfolk, VA, and built with Google’s Art, Copy, and Code group. It’s linked to a new dynamic ad creation engine that uses Google’s display ad network, allowing EA to instantaneously generate display advertising based on live action moments in the game. The generator has enough lines of copy and visual assets to create upwards of 100,000 different pieces of creative.


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Amplifying online / According to the brains behind the GIFerator, 83% of viewers in the US use a smartphone while tuning in to TV. And sporting GIFs are already hugely popular, with fans using social media for boisterous banter. By tapping into these existing behaviours, EA is creating a tool with a pre-made audience - giving fans an easier, better, way to trash talk one another, while inserting the brand into the conversation.

Merging the real and the digital / It’s not the first time that EA has merged the real-world with the world of gaming. In Colombia, the sports gaming brand recreated football match moments using their top notch FIFA game graphics and replayed them during the live action replays of the country’s biggest soccer match. Activity that blends real life with graphics demonstrates the quality of EA’s games, while also ensuring that the brand is reaching the right audience at exactly the right moment. After all, who more like to buy the latest version of Madden NFL that the NFL’s biggest fans?




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