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Brush Busters

by Contagious I/O

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Toothbrush brand creates app to help kids clean their teeth

Philips is helping little ones keep their teeth clean with a new app for its Sonicare toothbrush range.

Brush Busters, created with ACHTUNG!, Amsterdam, allows kids to pick one of two characters in desperate need of dental help. The interactive story adapts as children brush, allowing them to help fix the gnashers of Björn “the Big Tooth” Viking or Vicky “the One Fang” Vampire as they clean their own teeth.

The app can be used with any toothbrush by manually entering brushing information, but it really comes to life with the Philips Sonicare toothbrush. The app can detect the Sonicare, allowing it to know when kids are actually brushing their teeth and react accordingly.

Parents can set rewards for brushing progress, or choose from a pre-created set of virtual rewards. The app also helps track brushing behaviour over time through its in-app calendar.


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Making brushing fun / Any parent knows that getting kids to brush their teeth can be an arduous task, and so it makes sense for a toothbrush brand to try and help alleviate this paint point. The app creates an incentive to get kids to brush, and the format of the game helps to ensure that they are brushing for longer, too.

The in-built reward functions allows the game to have longevity, and pairing it up with the Sonicare to release the best functionality is a smart way to keep parents buying the brand. At a retail price of around £50 ($81), Phillips needs to prompt parents into purchasing the Sonicare toothbrush over other, cheaper models. This app helps parents to perceive that they’re getting more value from the product.

Splash warning / However, we can’t help but worry about parents letting little ones get their hands on smartphones, especially so close to water…

Colgate recently released a campaign in Vietnam that employed a low-tech solution to also make brushing more fun. The brand developed four SqueeZee tops for its toothpaste tubes. Once attached, the different shaped tops created strange-shaped toothpaste squirts, helping to entertain children in a fun (and far less high risk) way.

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