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Contagious Memories

by Contagious Team

In just a month we'll be going to press with our ten year anniversary issue, Contagious X. Our writers are hard at work pulling together a bumper, 150-page issue of the magazine, looking back at the past ten years, tracking which brands have been dominant and why, and thinking about what impact their strategies will have in the future.

As part of our celebrations we want to invite our readers to Show Your Stack...

In the past, we've heard from people who've been late for Christmas dinner because they were engrossed reading Most Contagious, and had reports of people reading Contagious on the London underground (not, contrary to popular belief, our own attempt at a viral marketing campaign). One CMO recently told us when she and her partner made a cross-USA move their Contagious collection got its own box. And we felt for the poor guy who was given a copy of the magazine, only to have it snatched out of his hands after a Contagious talk in London's Shoreditch. 

We'd love to hear more stories from our beloved readers: Has Contagious ever helped you win a pitch? Or has your copy been swiped when you weren't looking? Have you commissioned one of our illustrators or been reduced to floods of tears watching films that we've showcased? 

Share stories and pics of your Contagious magazines, whether they're proudly displayed in your office, or on a windowsill in your bathroom, pristine and preserved or Post-Itted with every member of the team's observations.

Please do get in touch via email, using, or share your photos via Facebook or Twitter. Best stories will be featured in a follow-up story and win a lovely prize.