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Heeere’s Ikea!

by Contagious I/O

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Spooky spoof of The Shining anchors IKEA Singapore’s Halloween-themed contest

To celebrate Halloween and promote its extended opening hours until 11pm, IKEA in Singapore has released a film inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film The Shining.

Paying homage to a famous sequence from the original film, the camera follows a young boy and his squeaking tricycle around the all-too familiar layout of an IKEA showroom.

As he rides, there are references to the film: a flickering light, a ball rolling across the floor and the words ‘REDRUG’ written above, appropriately, a red rug (in the film ‘REDRUM’ is scrawled onto a mirror).

Singaporeans are then invited to visit Facebook or IKEA Singapore’s homepage, to take part in a contest to win IKEA vouchers. All they need to do is find the IKEA products hidden in the video and take a screengrab when they appear in the film. Participants must then paste the still into the comments box accompanying each hidden product.

Thirteen fans who guess correctly can win a $30 (US$24) IKEA gift card. The film, created by BBH Asia Pacific in Singapore, has so far been viewed more than 3.6 million times.


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Low barrier to entry / It’s pretty straightforward to participate in this Spot & Win contest. The film is fun to watch and even bears repeat viewing for those people eager to find all the hidden items. It’s entertaining, there’s nice attention to detail (e.g. RED RUG) and there’s a clear idea: identify the items, post on Facebook and potentially win a $30 gift card. It might not be a huge prize, but it’s enough to motivate people to take part - particularly when participating is fun.

Low budget = high engagement / This would not have cost IKEA Singapore and BBH Asia Pacific a huge amount to create. Location costs would have been non-existent, only a few actors were required and the production budget looks far from lavish. Nevertheless, the film’s views so far is testament to the fact that people still love The Shining, especially at this time of year, and that helps make it an eminently shareable piece of content.

Tactical social / The screen-grabbing mechanic here reminds us of the recent Shot It Got It campaign for Swedish fashion retailer Åhléns where people had to grab a screen shot when a price was displayed on Instagram and post it on their own feed to be rewarded with a discount. IKEA has a solid tradition of creating tactical social campaigns. In 2011, it launched a YouTube-based game in Belgium inviting people to chase the sun in different films across the platform for a chance to win free furnishing. The brand was an early adopter of Facebook in its marketing efforts: back in 2009, it launched a campaign that used photo-tagging as a means to win IKEA products (and share photos of those products across social media).

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