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Ketchup brand in Brazil livestreams the tomato growing process, soundtracked by Spotify

Unilever-owned condiment brand Hellmann’s ketchup has launched a microsite dedicated to letting customers see exactly how its ketchup is made, from tomato farm to fork.

Created with The Kumite, Doubleleft and FLAG/CUBOCC, all based in São Paulo, the Grow with us site allows visitors to connect with the farmers as they work on cultivating their crops.

Users can follow the sustainable farming process via a livestream feed from cameras placed in the farmer’s hats. For ten days, visitors can interact with the farmers who grow the tomatoes, get to know them, and ask questions.

To get the audience even more involved, the brand has partnered with Spotify to enable the audience to crowdsource a playlist that will be blasted out to the fields. Why? It’s been scientifically proven that plants respond to soundwaves. The brand plans to release a limited edition ketchup grown to the co-created soundtrack.

The site also includes a page explaining the measures taken to ensure sustainable practice, and an interactive film showing how the tomatoes are washed, peeled, chopped and sautéed to create the finished product.

David Lowes, Unilever’s global SVP of dressings said: ‘This year, we are opening up our tomato farm to our consumers. For the first time, they will be able to connect online and see the farm live and in real time. More importantly, we wanted to give them the chance to be involved, so we created interactive features allowing them to participate in the growing and caring of our sustainably sourced tomatoes. We think consumers will appreciate our brands offering transparency and traceability in a fun and engaging way.’


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The age of transparency / Now, more than ever before, consumers are aware of what they are buying, and can conduct research into sustainability and production methods of the foods they eat. A Nielsen study released in June 2014 revealed that more than half (52%) of respondents make sure to check packaging labels to ensure positive environmental impact. This response from Hellmann’s addresses this trend by openly showing customers what the working conditions and growing processes entail.

Proof of provenance / While Hellmann’s has long been known for its mayonnaise, the worldwide ketchup market is dominated by competitor Heinz. As a challenger, Hellmann’s needs to differentiate its product, and might have found its niche by promoting the human side of ketchup production, emphasising the provenance and care that is taken when selecting ingredients.

Research led by the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) shows that 70% of consumers care about the origin of the products they buy, and putting a camera on their farmer’s heads is a relatively cheap and accessible way of ensuring that the imagery around the brand highlights the origins of the food.

Play it loud / The Spotify tie in is neat too: encouraging the public to have an input in the process should help improve customer satisfaction in the final product. And it adds a bit of fun-factor to the creative execution.

Grow with us


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