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Most Contagious 2014 / Exhibition

by Kate Hollowood


Delegates at Most Contagious were invited to get their hands dirty and given the chance interact with new and exciting technologies, products and services in our exhibition

This year’s installations played with people’s minds and emotions, from mood-lifting mirrors to a feast of virtual reality experiences that took our guests far beyond the balconies of Kings Place.

Nexus / Nexus Stage

The crowds saw physical objects transform into an interactive game when London-based production company Nexus wowed them with Nexus Stage. The installation works by projecting real-time animations onto objects which people can control with their mobile phones. 

Shigeo Yoshida / Incendairy Reflection

One of the most popular attractions gave the traditional fairground ‘hall of mirrors’ concept a digital twist, designed by Japanese tech company Shigeo Yoshida. Incendairy Reflection includes a series of mirrors that use digital technology to distort your reflection in a variety of ways. The reflections are designed to influence your mood, so if a viewer sees themselves smiling, it will induce happy feelings, for example.

Fiat / Fiat VR

Auto brand Fiat offered our guests a virtual test drive with British magician Dynamo thanks to a unique Oculus Rift experience, created by London-based agencies Framestore and Krow Communications

Another highlight was the interactive Fluid Dynamics touchscreen display from Labs by Framestore. The image on the screen could be manipulated by touch, distorting the displayed graphic.

Google / Google Cardboard

For a more cheap and cheerful version of virtual reality, guests could experience Google’s DIY headset Google Cardboard. The build-it-yourself cardboard headset contains two lenses. When users look at their smartphones through the device, an immersive 3D experience is created.

Patrick Rosenthal / EmoSPARK

AI entertainment console EmoSpark is a 3.5-inch Android-powered cube that delivers content based on your mood. Using face-tracking technology and emotion text analysis, the device understands your emotional state and delivers appropriate content via your TV, mobile, or tablet app.

Skignz /

Stockton-on-Tees based startup Skignz is a geolocated augmented reality system that allows users to place their own digital signs in the sky. For example, users can place a skignz above their head so their friends can find them at a music festival.

Lemz / Sweetie

Founder of Amsterdam based agency Lemz Mark Woerde demonstrated his paedophile honey-trap, aka virtual Pilipino girl Sweetie (following a moving presentation with at least one spontaneous burst of applause). Delegates were able to play with the programme that Woerde developed to control Sweetie, making her perform a variety of impressively lifelike actions such as typing or shaking her head.

Scriberia /

The talented artists at London-based creative shop Scriberia could be seen documenting our day via a live illustration. The collective aim to ‘creatively interpret, not simply record’ what they hear. 

Portal Entertainment / The Craftsman

London-based immersive storytelling specialists Portal Entertainment enabled our attendees to became both the protagonist and the director of a narrative. The multi-screen experience of The Craftsman lets users interact with the content across their devices so that no two people will get the same story.

Mixed Reality Lab / City University

Our delegates experienced hugs, tastes and smells via the internet thanks to innovation unit Mixed Reality Lab. One of the most talked about installations, a digital tongue-clasp induced a sour taste in people’s mouths, a ring transmitted touch between people digitally and a clip-on smartphone device emitted smells from cyber space.

Marketo /

California-based software company Marketo were on hand to explain how they allow marketers to customise and personalise email marketing. 

Small But Perfectly Formed companies /

Five of our favourite startups of the year demonstrated their amazing products. These included ethical phone company Fairphone, African off-grid energy provider BuffaloGrid, smart parenting devices company BleepBleeps, mesh networking messaging app Firechat and finally, retail innovator Hointer, who took home our Small But Perfectly Formed Award this year.