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Keeping it in the Family

by Contagious I/O
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Knorr turns handwritten family recipes into delightful digital posters for Twitter users

Unilever-owned food brand Knorr is saving family recipes from extinction using Twitter. The Receitas de Familia (Family Recipes) campaign is turning the handwritten instructions into beautiful typographic posters, helping to stop delicious dishes being forgotten or destroyed by overenthusiastic cooking sessions.

Users can tweet a photograph of the original recipe to @KnorrBrasil along with the hashtag #receitasdefamilia and their family name. The Knorr team, with the help of CUBOCC, Brasil, then recreates the recipe as an infographic, visualising each step on a blackboard along with key ingredients, before sending the digital poster back to the user via Twitter.

Knorr is encouraging cooks to print the final posters  which feature each user’s family name alongside their illustrated recipe  and hang them in their kitchens.

Contagious Insight 

Cooking up likes / By tapping into Brazil’s strong heritage of combining family with food, Knorr is helping people to store memories as well as recipes. It’s a tactic that ensures its efforts are bound to be shared between families, especially when the final product is both utterly personal and beautifully produced.

The content is prime fodder for sites such as Pinterest, with food-related content a staple of visually-charged social media channels. And, though Twitter works from a mechanical perspective, we can’t help but wonder if a more naturally visual platform would have worked better for creating this type of content.

Product placement / It’s also interesting to note how the brand has integrated its products into the pictures. The products are often featured in the final pictures, but only in recipes that call for a stock cube or one of the other kitchen aides from Knorr’s range. It means that they are integrated organically, ensuring that the posters are far more likely to be put into the kitchen, and also subliminally showing just how versatile Knorr’s range of ingredients is (appearing in everything from pasta recipes to homemade soups).

Owning the kitchen / It’s not an altogether new approach for Knorr in Brazil. We recently wrote about the brand creating a range of beautifully designed cookware, all with the aim of bringing itself out of the back of the dusty cupboard and into the dazzling spotlight of the counter top. And by encouraging people to print out the posters, Knorr is once again giving itself a place in the kitchens and recipe books of the perfect target audience  those who care about home cooking. It’s a smart continuation of a clever strategy and the branding is just right: subtle enough to ensure the recipes are actually used, while reminding cooks that Knorr’s heritage is firmly planted in good food.