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GoPlay on holiday

by Contagious I/O

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Hotel chain encourages guests to record their vacations with complimentary action cams

Starting immediately, global hotel brand Marriott is providing its guests with GoPro HERO4 cameras to use to document their vacation. Anyone staying at one of the chain’s 17 Caribbean and Latin American hotels and resorts can use one of the cameras throughout the duration of their stay.

Guests are also being encouraged to upload their photos and videos on social media, using the hashtags #GoPro, #travelbrilliantly and #viajegenial. The best content will be featured on a microsite, as well as on Marriott’s own social feeds and the in-room entertainment system. Those submitting content will also be in with a chance of winning holidays, Marriott rewards points and GoPros.

‘Through this program at Marriott Hotels, we’re giving guests a fun way to tell their own travel story using the versatile and memory making GoPro technology and immediately share their content with friends and family,’ said Craig S. Smith, president of the Caribbean and Latin America at Marriott International.


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Driving differentiation / With so many global hotel chains operating in a similar space to Marriott (think Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton, InterContinental), it can be hard to appeal to customers on anything more than price. Airbnb, or independent design hotels, may be able to attract customers with the promise of a local flavor, or a unique location. But high-end hotels tend offer more of a consistent (and, perhaps, unsurprising) experience.

Supplying GoPro cameras to its guests gives travelers a reason to choose Marriott over another hotel chain. If the experience, location and price are going to be similar, then perhaps this offer could persuade customers to buy a holiday with Marriott.

The tie-in has also got a certain Adventure Lite quality to it. Families might not want to spend upwards of $500 on a GoPro and the accessories, but they’d want to share the sea turtle selfie. In the same way chain hotels have made activities more accessible, here they’re making the ability to create pro-grade content around those activities meaningful. No word on whether hotel locations will have GoPro Pros hanging around a cabana to give advice on camera angles, lighting and editing.

Weaponise your audience / There’s another clear win here, beyond increasing bookings. By incentivising its guests to take photos/videos, and then upload them onto social networks, Marriott is benefiting from some free user-generated content. A recent survey found that 90% of Americans share their holiday snaps on Facebook. So enabling guests to record the most adrenaline-fueled, exciting parts of the holiday (scuba diving, surfing, para-sailing etc.) is an obvious way of increasing the hotels’ organic presence on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Plus, the content can be reused by Marriott to lend excitement and diversity to its own feeds, and, perhaps, a few more bookings with the snorkeling instructors.



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