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The Year’s Best Marketing Ideas

by Contagious Team

Want to bring Contagious to life for your team or clients? The trends debuted at December’s Most Contagious conference are now available for private workshops and events. We’re bringing our expertise to you through our Insider Briefings: designed to inspire, educate and inform brands and agencies on the issues affecting business in 2015 and beyond.

Each session includes a live 45-minute briefing with a Contagious Insider, an extended Q&A and a copy of the presentation. Contact us to learn more: or +44 (0)20 3206 9250 / +1 (212) 931.0931.

2015 Contagious Insider Briefings

Armed with hundreds of millions of users and astronomical growth projections, mobile messaging apps are fundamentally changing the way we communicate. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll show you how services like WeChat, Line, Kik and Snapchat are evolving from basic messaging apps into full-on mobile operating systems, and how forward-thinking brands have successfully partnered with these apps.

What you’ll get out of this session: Learn about the world’s most popular messaging apps, discover why this trend is gathering such momentum and walk away with practical suggestions on how to become part of this exciting new conversation.

Data doesn’t tell its own story – instead, brands need creative marketing to transform dull spreadsheets into magic. We look at the brands who’ve started to use data to provide insights into their customers and spark creative ideas, building everything from contextually integrated services to exhilarating haptic experiences along the way.

What you’ll get out of this session: We’ll break down the process of turning bits and bytes into actionable insights and new opportunities, pinpointing the creative and strategic advantages of data divination.

Whether putting tools in the hands of people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them, or taking a stance against social inequalities, brands are playing an increasingly active role in addressing global issues.

What you’ll get out of this session: From health and wellbeing to digital literacy and beyond, we’ll show not only what forward-thinking companies are doing, but also why making a positive impact on the lives of consumers ultimately drives better business.

Brands are finally getting it right when it comes to content, nailing distribution and storytelling to create properties that have as much appeal as unbranded editorial. Strong branded content captures audiences by showcasing values and personality, delivering truly memorable moments.

What you’ll get out of this session: Understand how brands use content to overcome budgetary restraints, connect with hard-to-reach audiences and select the most appropriate distribution channels.

Although 66% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2050, we shouldn’t think of cities as sprawling and slow. By focusing on the city ecosystem, brands and agencies have a unique opportunity to solve some of the most complex problems in the world today.

What you’ll get out of this session: Learn how brands and agencies are working to improve city spaces to make them smarter and safer. Applying creative thinking, a design focus and smart technology can build brand equity in a tangible and distinctive way.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at or +44 (0)20 3206 9250 / +1 (212) 931.0931.

Contagious Insider is Contagious’ dedicated culture and capabilities unit, delivering bespoke consulting services to inform and inspire brands and agencies.

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