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Self(ie) reflection

by Contagious I/O

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Sunglasses brand taps into visual culture trend with selfie improvement app

Luxottica-owned sunglasses brand Ray-Ban has created a smartphone app that lets users shoot, edit and share quirky double exposure images. Reflections x Ray-Ban, created with agency Gents in Ghent, Belgium, draws on the popularity of Ray-Ban owners taking photos of the reflections in their sunglasses.

Having downloaded and registered their details, users can then take two photos simultaneously: one using the front-facing camera and another using the back-facing camera on their device. The app then blends these two images together.

Users can adjust the blend level between the photos before adding a Ray-Ban lens as a filter – for example the Pink Legend lens or the Blue Mirror. They can then write a caption, opt to add the Ray-Ban logo and share it on social networks.

All images created within the app can also be shared with other users. For instance, fans can opt to have their snaps ‘featured’ in the scrolling gallery in the app, which is organised by hashtags such as #blackandwhite or #winter.


Contagious Insight / 

Visual culture / The rise of the selfie movement – driven by better smartphone cameras, lower data costs and the continued influence of The Experience Economy – has attracted some serious brand interest in the past couple of years. 

Ray-Ban’s app is an unashamed nod to the growth of this phenomenon, but it also adds something genuinely unique to the mix. We would normally be wary of brands creating separate photo capturing, editing and sharing apps when platforms like Instagram (300 million users, 70 million photos and videos shared daily) are already hugely popular. But Ray-Ban’s double-exposure technology gives people a genuine reason to download this app (in addition to) favourites like Instagram.

Brand awareness / Reflectons is based on a neat insight (i.e. that people often tend to use reflective sunglasses to take creative photos), which also ties it back into the core product range. The sunglasses filters offer a further level of customisation to the user (while reminding them of the variety of lenses Ray-Ban have available) and the ability to easily share it on Instagram, Facebook etc. should help to raise awareness and drive downloads.


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