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Now / Next / Why 2015 / Content & Themes

by Contagious Team


Last month, we announced that this year's Now / Next / Why series on Obsessing Experience is hitting four cities: London, New York, Chicago (in partnership with SOCIALDEVIANT) and San Francisco (in partnership with BSSP).

There are only two weeks to go before our early bird sale ends. Read on to discover what you'll learn at Contagious' essential strategic briefing for brands and agencies.

In the 2015 instalment of the agenda-setting Now / Next / Why series, Contagious will challenge our industry’s preoccupation with ‘omnichannel’ and focus instead on what matters to real people: the interaction they have – anytime, anywhere or anyhow – with your brand. Designers, marketers, retailers, and scientists will join our consultancy and editorial teams on stage to explore how Obsessing Experience is the only answer to building great brands in the 21st century.


'We need to find ways to lead with brands, not by channels' - Keith Weed, chief marketing & communications officer, Unilever

Why is a complete, consistent and connected brand experience more important now than ever before? What are the technological developments making this possible? And what cultural or societal drivers are fundamentally affecting people's expectations of how they interact with brands?

Contagious will confront the realities of the post-omnichannel landscape and welcome expert contributors to help make the business case for prioritising customer experience.


Drawing on the rich database of the Contagious I/O research platform, we'll be sharing best-practice case studies of experience design across key categories, including retail, fashion, automotive and FMCG. As well as showing what these brands have done, we’ll spotlight exclusive insights into how they did it and the results that prove the importance of obsessing experience.

‘Experience Champions’ – representatives from the brands who we feel are at the forefront of their categories – will also be joining us to tell candid stories about what it took to push through their industry-leading approach and how their organisations re-geared to prioritise superlative customer experiences.


The day will conclude with a practical exploration of how you can implement an experience-dominant approach within your own organisation. This will include both the operational and cultural changes that can be made, brought to life by some of the world's foremost authorities on experience design.

This session will include an interactive challenge designed to take advantage of the diverse expertise and experience of the Now / Next / Why audience. Working together with our guest speakers, we will collectively apply the day's learnings to figure out how to overcome some of the barriers that still stand between brands and willing consumers.

Early bird tickets are available now until 28 Feb:



CHICAGO / 19 MAY  (in partnership with SOCIALDEVIANT)

SAN FRANCISCO / 9 JUNE (in partnership with BSSP)

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