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Funifi / Rewards for chores

by Contagious I/O

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Partnership between Unilever and startup rewards kids who help out round the house

Ever wished your kids would help out more around the house? Unilever in the UK has partnered startup Funifi to make household chores more fun for kids.

The Funifi Do app dangles rewards in front of kids to motivate them to get involved with household chores such as washing up. Chores are ranked according to a points system: parents control how many points a particular household task will generate and can also decide the rewards.

The partnership will integrate cleaning tips from Unilever’s Cleanipedia site into the app to give little helping hands some expert advice. Funifi and Unilever also intend to generate new content. Funifi’s website already boasts a blog (pictured, below) that includes parenting tips and features that cover a range of subjects, from education to family fun.

Funifi is joining Unilever Foundry, a startup programme to identify digital disruptors. 

Andrea Airoldi, global media manager from Unilever said: ‘What impressed us most about Funifi is their potential to reinvent family task management as we know it.’



Contagious Insight /

On the side of parents / Spend some time on Funifi’s app or website and it’s clear that this brand understands the kind of people who invest a huge amount in parenting by reading blogs and sharing tips. There’s a gentle humour to it, it’s pretty politically correct (there’s an article on giving dolls a ‘make under’) and the advice appears to be pretty sound: for instance, it offers some recommendations for online parenting courses for ‘when you’re in a rough patch’. By partnering Funifi, Unilever has made a smart move: the kind of content and tone of voice it has bought into means that it can brighten up the functional cleaning tips on Cleanipedia and make it more family-friendly.

Incentivising infants / By motivating kids with a specific reward, the idea of completing mundane household tasks should become more appealing to children. At any rate, it should be marginally more effective than parents bellowing ‘tidy your bedroom’ or ‘vacuum the stairs’ after their offspring. Five years ago, we reported on Chore Wars, which worked on a similar principle (although for adults). More recently, we covered an app introduced by Philips Sonicare to encourage and reward children who cleaned their teeth thoroughly. By rewarding ‘good’ behaviour, FMCG brands not only ingratiate themselves with parents and kids, they also drive usage. Smart.


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