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The Contagious Insider Guide to Structured Excellence

by Arif Haq

Very often, after introducing what we do at Contagious Insider, comes a stealthy question. Perhaps in the tail end of a conference call, or an office corridor, it will form the basis of the project we go on to deliver: ‘So… how do we actually develop braver, better creative work?’

Brands certainly do produce brilliantly creative work, much of it chronicled in Contagious magazine. But the regularity with which they manage to do so is far less reliable.

At Contagious Insider, we’ve lately been focused on how to move our clients from sparks of occasional and accidental creative brilliance towards a more systematic and deliberate quest for it, a practice of creative excellence. It’s on this journey that we’ve encountered a number of startlingly recurrent misperceptions that plague marketers almost universally. Each of these, on their own or in combination, can impede genuine creative endeavour unless addressed by a set of practical principles.

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