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Momondo / One-Click Holiday

by Contagious I/O

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Chrome extension turns vacation jealousy into inspiration

Have you ever looked at a friend’s beach holiday photos on Facebook and wished you too could visit that exotic location? Well now travel search site momondo is helping people take action to plan their own trip, instead of just being envious of their friend’s vacation.

The Danish travel site has created a Chrome extension that lets people double-click on a place name to instantly check flight prices to that destination. That means that if they read a news story about a museum exhibit opening up in Boston, they can simply click on the name of the city to bring up a popup displaying the price of a return journey from their nearest airport. They can then click on the ‘Go’ button (see picture below) to visit the momondo website and search for flights on specific dates.

The Click Two Travel extension was created with McCann London. It works with almost any place name written online including cities, districts, countries, parks and places of interest.


Contagious Insight / 

Travelling on impulse / In its press release momondo explains that its extension allows ‘an increasingly impulsive traveller to act more easily on inspiring content’. Would anyone be so impulsive that they book flights five minutes after seeing a friend’s particularly glorious beach photos on Instagram? Probably not. But that’s besides the point. Click To Travel reminds people that the world is their oyster. As momondo head of content and social media, Pleasance Coddington, said: ‘We know at momondo that people can be inspired to travel at any given moment, whether they are thinking about travel or not. In developing ClickTwo Travel, our aim was to open up travellers’ biggest source of inspiration: the entire web.‘

The simplicity of the Chrome extension encourages users to see how realistic it would be to actually book a flight, instead of merely dreaming about a holiday, especially because momondo is there to provide the cheapest ticket available. The plug-in not only raises consideration for momondo’s flight checking product, but flying in general. But the real challenge here will be for momondo to actually get people to download the extension in the first place - and remind them to actually use it.


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