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Global Ads Chart / April 2015

by Contagious Contributor

Maybe it’s just the sun finally coming out, but advertising in April took a refreshingly upbeat turn. With Milifans and Cameronettes cheerily tussling over the impending General Election, and franchise trailers dropping to remind us of our youth, this month has seemingly put a spring in everyone’s step, writes David Waterhouse, Unruly Media's head of content.

Not least of all, Dove, whose continuing viral success will surprise no one. Following a string of some of the most successful online ads of all time, Dove’s latest Choose Beautiful tops the Unruly Viral Video Chart this month by a clear margin.

Yet another stunt designed to spark comment on self-perception and beauty, the spot expands the scale of Dove’s previous work by asking women entering a shopping mall essentially to label themselves. In talking head interviews, the participants discuss why they made their choices.

With 369,000 shares, their latest ad is not yet reaching the Olympian heights of 2013’s Real Beauty Sketches but give it time. Seeing off all-comers in April, the social web has certainly plumped for ‘Beautiful’ rather than ‘Average’.

Speaking of election coverage, there are two political ads holding on in the top 20 this month. And wouldn’t you know it, one of them is for a little-known election coming in 2016. With Hillary Clinton firmly on the campaign trail, her sprightly election ad seeks out an ad-ready gaggle of cute kids and charming families discussing their plans for the coming year. Of course, when your plan is to win the most important political office in the world, it sort of out-does ‘doing up the conservatory,’ but never mind.

Meanwhile, the UK Green Party grabbed an unexpected win this month with their cheesy coalition satire, Change The Tune. Featuring a series of party leader lookalikes bopping soulfully to an R&B beat, the Greens’ spot captured the public’s interest where so many ads this election have failed. It also features the single greatest ad moment of April, as the Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and UKIP leaders dance around a giant gold pound sign wailing ‘Austerity!’

Sentimental appeal was provided in the form of newcomer Pandora’s Unique Connection, which finds blindfolded children asked to identify their mother from a line-up. While it sounds like a set-up for a particularly Oedipal dystopian thriller, it forms a trend along with Knorr’s Taste of Home towards brands trying to prove just how well you know your family. Stick around for a future Gillette ad, in which you’re asked to identify your dad from the shaving cream left in the sink.

Taking those same familial vibes and injecting them with adrenaline and an Engineering degree, Hyundai’s A Message To Space manages to make a fleet of cars arcing across the desert into a charming moment between father and daughter. Gorgeously shot and scored, the message is as joyful to watch on Earth as it is from space.

Kudos for the outright funniest ads of the month go to Turkish Airlines and Nike for their spots Startup Class and Inner Thoughts. The former takes place on the newly-established flight from Istanbul to San Francisco, where two absurd startup CEOs discuss their apps and stroke each other’s egos. Replete with selfie sticks, angel investing and, of course, ping pong, it’s one big inside joke for the tech world. Meanwhile, Nike’s subtle spot takes us inside the mind of a woman trudging through a marathon.

In other news, Cornetto’s 2014 trackvert Yeniden makes a Phoenix-like resurgence up the chart, Levi’s innocuous jeans ad sticks around for reasons unknown and United Healthcare’s Our Song keeps the spirit of Dirty Dancing alive.

Most shared ads during April 2015

1. Dove - Choose Beautiful
Shares: 369,339

2. Cornetto - Yeniden
Shares: 263,715

3. Hilary Clinton President Campaign - Getting Started
Shares: 239, 717

4. Pandora - The Unique Connection
Shares: 186,980

5. United Healthcare - Our Song
Shares: 172,311

6. Hyundai - A Message to Space
Shares: 109,602

7. Volvo - Life Paint
Shares: 96,160

8. Green Party - Change The Tune
Shares: 63,838

9. Knorr - Flavour of Home
Shares: 60,725


10. Levi’s - Introducing Levi’s 501 CT Jeans
Shares: 60,358


11. UPS - Driver For A Day
Shares: 59,805

12. adidas - Here’s To The Takers
Shares: 51,129

13. adidas - Football Tennis
Shares: 42,556

14. Diversity & Inclusion - Love Has No Labels
Shares: 42,203

15. Animals Australia - People Being Awesome
Shares: 41,457

16. Honda - Illusions
Shares: 39,405

17. Android - Friends Furever
Shares: 37,807

18. Turkish Airlines - Startup Class
Shares: 37,349

19. Cacique - #IMNOANGEL
Shares: 35,148

20. Nike - Inner Thoughts
Shares: 34,737