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Milka / More players please

by Contagious I/O

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Multi-player gaming app drives 17% sales increase for chocolate brand in France

In order to promote its range of biscuits in France, chocolate brand Milka launched a gaming app designed for multiple simultaneous players.

Created in conjunction with Brand Station, Paris, Biscuit Saga is free to download and features nine mini games. By connecting smatphones or tablets over wifi or Bluetooth, up to nine devices can be linked to allow multiple players to collaborate and compete to win brand goodies and virtual cookies. The cookies can be used to customise the user’s avatar in the game.

The app’s creators claim it can connect Apple and Android devices in order to create ‘a specific and dedicated Milka biscuit sharing moment’. Biscuit Saga has been promoted on social channels and TV.

The app was first launched in January, but following user feedback, it was updated in late March to include more games for two, three and four players. Building on its success (see results, below), there are also plans to extend the app to include new games, push notifications and coupons throughout the year.

Results / Two months after launch, the agency reports that the app drove a 17% increase in volume sales. Biscuit Saga was ranked first and most-searched in both app stores, resulting in 1.1 milliondownloads. Users have played over 20 million games, with each player spending an average of four minutes each day in the app.


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Solid strategy / The Biscuit Saga campaign is a great example of a solidly planned gaming app from a brand. The games themselves may be simple but, like some arcade classics, they’re also a lot of fun when played against friends. The inclusion of some tasty goodies for winners provides a reason to download a branded game over a non-branded one, and use of traditional and social media ensure that enough people will hear about the app to start the ball rolling.

While none of these elements on their own are necessarily innovative, too often it’s at these basic levels that we see branded apps falling down, e.g. a good game is overlooked because nothing is done to raise awareness, or the game itself isn’t strong enough to compete against free options, such as Candy Crush.

People download from people / One of the smartest solutions to driving downloads is baked into the USP of the game: multiple players. For every download a regular branded game might achieve, Biscuit Saga is likely to multiply that number by requiring more people to get the game in order to play. At that point, aspects of trust and word-of-mouth help the reach of the campaign as it becomes a friend’s recommendation, rather than a brand’s persuasion, prompting additional users to download the app and spend time with the brand. It’s easy to imagine these positive network effects playing out among friends and families, e.g. where both parents, rather than just one, might download the game in order to let children play.

Biscuit Saga


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