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Three ideas to keep the Brooklyn Botanic Garden blooming

by Contagious Team

At Now / Next / Why NYC two weeks ago, we worked with local non-profit organisation the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to set a workshop challenge for our delegates. BBG is an urban botanic garden that connects the local community to the world of plants, fostering delight and curiosity while inspiring an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the environment. It inspires people of all ages and demographics through the conservation, display, and enjoyment of plants - and through educational programs that emphasise learning by doing. Critically, it depends much less on government funding than its peer-group gardens around the world, and so heavily relies on its membership for support.

With the Now / Next / Why theme 'Obsessing Experience' firmly in their minds, our Big Apple audience was asked to apply the learnings and principles from the day to BBG's challenge: How could we design an experience which inspires visitors to become members and/or drive basic members to embrace premium membership.


Samantha Campbell, director of marketing at BBG, has reviewed all the contributions from the teams and said of the day: 'The outside perspective from the participants was so valuable, both in gaining new ideas and hearing echoes of ones we’re already exploring. Of the many interesting concepts and tactics presented, here are the ones that stood out for us':


1. Make members feel even more like BBGIPs

Beyond allowing “skip the line” admission access, creating an exclusive “Members Lounge” area within the Garden during large public events.

2. Augmented reality

Allow visitors to experience the beauty of the Garden in all seasons to encourage off-peak and repeat visits. In the peak season of spring, visitors could step into a scene with the vibrant foliage of fall, or experience the pristine snow-covered landscapes of winter.

3. New partnerships to drive new partnerships

Target new audiences that are looking for interesting experiences in the city by partnering with dating sites which match up couples looking for dates in the Garden, or work with car service apps to literally bring visitors through the door.

The entire session saw plenty more ideas being generated, all of which are helping BBG explore new opportunities. Thanks to everyone for participating.


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