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Pimkie / The Mini Fashion Bar

by Contagious I/O

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Fashion brand stocks its clothes in boutique hotel rooms across Europe

French fashion brand Pimkie is turning hotel wardrobes into clothing mini-bars with The Mini Fashion Bar, a partnership with a number of boutique hotels in cities across Europe.

Rooms in the participating hotels come with a fully-stocked wardrobe of clothes appropriate for the weather, country and season. Guests can try on the range of clothes and can request different sizes via the hotel’s concierge. If there’s an outfit they love, the guest can wear it and pay for it when they check-out.

The menu, which features items such as rain coats and comfortable walking shoes, includes a QR code that guests can scan with their mobile phone, allowing them to browse the entire Pimkie range.

The concept, through Happiness in Brussels, is currently available in Antwerp, but is set to appear in other cities across Europe, including Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Milan, Paris and London.


Contagious Insight / 

Smart Sampling / Stocking its range in hotel rooms is a disruptive way to tempt a new audience into trying on Pimkie clothes without ever needing to entice them in-store. The novelty factor means there’s a good chance that people will try on whatever brand is stocked in the wardrobe, helping to fill any down time guests may have in a more interesting way than channel-hopping. The fashion mini bar also introduces them to Pimkie, a brand they may not have heard of before, at a time when they will be away from home and in the right frame of mind for treating themselves.

Exciting blueprint / This concept offers an exciting blueprint for other brands. While hotels feature some sampling, with cosmetics and drinks brands, this idea shows how much potential still exists. Just imagine Barbour jackets or Hunter wellies being stocked in British country retreats with unreliable weather, or Nike supplying guests who’ve forgotten their gym kit.


Contextual thinking / The contextual spin Pimkie has put on the campaign is impressive. Adapting the wardrobe to the weather shows it has thought about the wider experience of the target audience, while also plugging a customer pain point. After all, how many times have you realised that the gear you’ve packed is not quite appropriate for a particular trip? Stocking clothes that assist people in a style dilemma works especially well for Pimkie’s brand of affordable fashion. The low price point means the options are perfect panic purchases, yet they’re cheap enough for people to add on to their hotel bill without too much wincing when they come to pay.



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