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Radio Cannestagious / Cannes Warm Up

by Contagious Team


The Cote D'Auzur beckons for adland next week and once again we'll be recording Radio Cannestagious, a daily festival podcast hosted by Nick Parish and Dan Southern. Expect a mix of daily news, analysis, interviews and eclectic tunes (as well as a smidgen of gossip). 

To set up the week, Dan sat down with colleagues Emily Hare, Will Sansom, Paul Kemp-Robertson and Alex Jenkins to get their views on the coming storm. Should the categories be redefined? Should celebs be banned? Is VR really going to make an impact?

Find out in this warm up for the week ahead.


Jim Caesar – Breakfast on the Moon

John Tejada – Penumbra

FKA twigs – Numbers

The Clean - Draw(in)g To A (W)hole