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SureSlim / Rewarding Restraint

by Contagious I/O

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Slimming club offers discounts for those able to resist temptation

SureSlim is testing the willpower of potential dieters with its latest campaign. The South African weight loss programme created a leaflet made out of chocolate. To prove they were serious about losing weight, recipients had to resist The Chocolate Flyer and instead bring it to any SureSlim unit to receive a 20% discount off a customised health and fitness regime.

Even those who succumbed to the delicious looking piece of marketing were given a chance for redemption. Inside the packaging was a leaflet, explaining that if they brought in what was left of the chocolate bar, they’d receive a 1% discount for every square of the confectionary that remained.

The tasty pamphlets, created with Publicis Machine, Cape Town, were given out at food, health and bridal expos across the country.


Contagious Insight / 

The medium is the message / The campaign does a sweet job of turning what could easily be a throwaway flyer into an intriguing piece of marketing. And even if the recipient does immediately scoff the whole bar, the brand has undoubtedly planted the seed of doubt in their mind, right at precisely the moment they’ll be feeling most guilty about their unhealthy habits. Rewarding those who give into temptation is also smart, giving a little pat on the back even to those who have only left a single square remaining.

Smart targeting / The distribution tactics are also clever. Bridal shows are perfect for attracting those thinking about getting into the best possible shape. What’s more, in a bag filled with hundreds of leaflets advertising cakes and dresses, The Chocolate Flyer is sure to stand out.


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