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Pilsen Callao / Heading home

by Contagious I/O

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Lager brand creates 18% sales spike by reuniting friends

Background / During the 1980s and 1990s hard economic times led more than 3 million Peruvian citizens to leave the country in search of work abroad.

Solution / To celebrate its positioning around friendship, Pilsen Callao created a way for Peruvians to bring their buddies back home. The beer brand asked groups of friends to send in images and voice clips of their missing pal.

These were then used to create 3D-printed Talking Headsmodelled on their friend, which also doubled as piggybanks.

Peruvians were encouraged to collect Pilsen Callao bottle caps and store them in the piggybank. Each cap had a distance printed on it – i.e. 100 km – and when the group had collected enough air miles, they could use them to fly their friend home.

Results / According to Phantasia in Lima, the agency that created the campaign, more than 10,000 groups of friends participated. This generated 1.2 million interactions and more than 400,000 video views and earned the brand a 230% return on investment and a sales increase of 18%.


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Beyond novelty / Many brands have experimented with using 3D-printing in a campaign for two reasons: 1) It’s likely to get some media coverage on blogs covering any sort of innovation; 2) it could help to convey brand ‘x’ as modern, forward-thinking, relevant, etc.

However, we’re beyond first-mover advantage here, and 3D printing is starting to become so common that it’s starting to lose its status as an intriguing new technology. In that respect, it’s impressive that Pilsen Callao have followed up the novelty part of the campaign (the talking head) with a more meaningful prize.

By flying a friend home, the brand is creating an emotional response in its audience, as well as potentially generating fresh stories of brand affinity for communications in the future.

Boosting loyalty / The 18% sales increase also indicates that the prize on offer has increased consideration of the product. If a customer was already a Pilsner Callao drinker, then they may have been inclined to encourage their friends to convert to the brand, so they could earn the air miles more quickly. And if the customer wasn’t a Pilsner drinker, the lure of the prize could easily encourage them to switch from a competitor brand to become one.

Either way, the fact that people needed to accumulate air miles (rather than win a one-off prize to bring their mate home) helped boost sales and, perhaps, increased loyalty by making it the beer of choice for the duration of the campaign period.

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