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Topshop / True Colours

by Contagious I/O

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Retailer colour-matches personal Pinterest boards to fashion items

Topshop has created an online tool that scans a user’s Pinterest board and then recommends items from that match the colours in the pins.

To use Pinterest Palettes, fashion fans connect the tool with their Pinterest account and then select which board they would like to scan. The technology identifies the dominant colours across the pins and presents the shades in a personalised colour palette.

When users hover over each hue, a collection of Topshop clothes and accessories in that shade appear underneath. The brand claims 16.8 million colour combinations are possible.

The brand is also encouraging shoppers to try the experience in its flagship Oxford Circus store. Customers can use iPads to try out Pinterest Palettes, and can also print off their personalised suggestions. Style experts will also be on hand to offer customers advice on which shades suit them.

The initiative, aimed to coincide with London Fashion Week, also includes shoppable palettes based on what’s been seen on the streets of New York, Milan, Paris and London.


Contagious Insight / 

A fun way to filter / Pinterest Palettes provides a new and engaging way for customers to explore Topshop’s extensive catalogue. People usually filter items online by product type, such as ‘coat’ or ‘jeans’. This is useful when you know exactly what you are looking for, but doesn’t encourage discovery or spontaneous purchases. By letting a discovery tool filter the collection for them, fashionistas are presented with items that they may not have naturally come across or considered purchasing.

Inspiring customers with new purchase ideas is also an important theme for Net-a-Porter, as we discovered when we spoke to Alexandra Hoffnung, the company’s creative director of social commerce. Speaking about the the brand’s shoppable app, The Net Set, Hoffnung said: ‘The inspirational part is something we as a company are really interested in. The website and the existing app only support the goal-driven shopper – if you want to go and find something specific it’s very easy, or if you’re after a certain designer, it is set up for that. But The Net Set accommodates those people who have a few minutes to spare and just want to see amazing fashion content, not anything specific. It’s just a way to surface new products in a really interesting way.’

Igniting intent / When someone pins an object or image it is an expression of intent, according to deputy editor of The Atlantic,Alexis Madrigal. ‘Pinterest possesses some really, really interesting data,‘ he says in an article for Fresh Air. 'The first part of it is that they are a repository of things that people would like to have or do. They’re a database of intentions. And that has got to be valuable to marketers and advertisers.’ In light of this, the Pinterest Palette represents items (and colours) that the user has already decided would be a perfect match - an ideal well of data for Topshop to tap into and replicate with its own items.


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