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JetBlue / Let Rip

by Contagious I/O

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Airline gets people tearing down outdoor ads for prizes

Low-cost airline JetBlue launched an outdoor campaign in New York that dared passersby to tear down its ads in order to win prizes.

The #NYCTakeOff campaign, developed with Boston-based Mullen Lowe, saw 185 detachable posters placed across the city. Once they tore down the ad, people could redeem prizes online by entering a unique code found on the back of the poster.

The gifts ranged from flights to a (somewhat less thrilling) free scoop of ice cream. More than 100 ads were taken within 48 hours.

Once the posters were removed, they revealed a JetBlue behind the glass spurring others on to look for more detachable ads, with phrases such as ‘Snooze You Lose’ or ‘You’re Too Late.’

On 5 October the outdoor spaces will be refreshed and New Yorkers will have another chance to grab the vouchers.


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Ripping into competitors / Competition among budget airlines is fierce and so these brands need to work especially hard to get noticed. Earlier this year low-cost airline Transavia packaged airline tickets up as snacks that were sold in supermarkets and vending machines. When we interviewed Marco Venturelli, chief creative officer at Les Gaulois, Paris, the agency who worked on the campaign, he stressed how Transavia needed to stand out from the crowd of airline offers. He said: ‘If you research an airline online, you’re suddenly floating in a sea of banner ads.’ JetBlue has also done something unexpected and novel in order to cut through.

Creating a talking point / We can easily imagine the mechanic of the detachable poster being adopted by other brands. By making people do something that would normally be vandalism, this is a great way to get people talking about JetBlue’s advertising. The campaign has people actively searching for outdoor ads they might have otherwise ignored. And even if you didn’t bother to read the advertising copy, you would definitely notice if someone went up to a bus shelter and starting ripping off the ad.



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