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Whiskas / Feline Freshers

by Contagious I/O

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Cat food brand educates new and prospective owners with cute content

Whiskas UK has launched a new video content series about a university for cats, via AMV BBDO, London. The make-believe Kitten Kollege appears to teach kitties how to become respectable cats, while simultaneously educating viewers on caring for their pets.

The videos give viewers a glimpse inside the university lecture hall, showing the kittens at classes and illustrating Kollege life.

Whiskas worked with Google and Mindshare to develop the content, using the most common search terms among kitten owners to create content tailored around each question. The resulting lessons include topics such as ‘understanding kitten sounds’ and ‘how to transition to adult food’.


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Forming habits / Whiskas is positioning itself as the authority on kitten care, becoming the go-to brand for customers exactly at the moment they are forming new habits. There’s a good chance that owners who start buying Whiskas at kitten-stage will make it a habit, continuing to purchase the product throughout the cat’s lifetime. It’s a similar tactic to baby care brands, who often expectant parents for exactly the same reason.

Purrrsuading prospective owners / Several of the videos in the series target prospective rather than current owners with videos such as ‘How to choose the right kitten’. New pets are key for category growth, so it’s well within Whiskas' interests to persuade people to get a cat. And while showing-off how cute the baby animals are, the content simultaneously answers common questions and anxieties that could be stopping prospective owners from getting a pet.

Cute click-bait / It’s common internet etiquette for brands to use as many click-bait worthy baby animals as possible in online advertising. For Whiskas, however, it is actually relevant. What’s more, the brand didn’t simply shove cuteness into the camera. The brand worked with online comedy experts College Humour to make sure the content was as shareable and entertaining as possible. Furthermore, the brand also chose to be more strategic by creating a platform to educate its customers as well as entertain them.



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