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Chicken Treat / Cluck cluck tweet

by Contagious I/O

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Fast food chain Chicken Treat has enlisted a hen called Betty to take control of its Twitter account. Chicken Tweet, developed by Perth-based agency Marketforce, saw the brand place a computer and keyboard inside Betty’s coop so that she can tweet by pecking or walking over the keys.

The team is hoping Betty will type a five letter word in English within 30 days, a feat that would grant her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The closest she has got so far is ‘bum’.

Livestreams from inside the coop are also being published via Periscope. An online video details Betty’s training, which involves demonstrations from a chicken puppet and treadmill-based exercises.


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A clucking brilliant idea / This hilarious campaign has earned the brand incredible PR results, with the story appearing in major publications worldwide including CNN, the Huffington Post and  Time Magazine. It shows how a simple, creative idea can have far-reaching impact. Many brands struggle to find anything to say on Twitter. Chicken Treat has created entertaining, shareable content that is relevant to the brand too.

Subtler messages / The campaign may reassure nervous customers that Chicken Treat uses actual chicken meat. After controversies like Burger King’s horsemeat scandal people are skeptical about the ingredients in fast food. By broadcasting an image of a healthy-looking chicken the brand is subtly suggesting that it is a good, trustworthy source of meat.

Creating longevity / The record-breaking aim of the campaign is smart as it will keep people interested for longer. It takes the idea from being a one-off stunt to something more interesting. The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that a monkey could eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare if given enough time. By tapping into this theory the campaign becomes even more culturally relevant. Fans will be rooting for the chicken to spell a word correctly - it’s not just a marketing campaign, this chicken could make history!

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