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Announcing the 2015 Most Contagious Startup Shortlist

by Contagious Team

Contagious is thrilled to announce this year's shortlist for the Most Contagious Startup: Small But Perfectly Formed award, sponsored by Essence.

These eight shortlisted companies have been selected for their achievements in investment, growth and disruption to their sector (forget sectors: some even created totally new categories). A representative from each startup will take the Most Contagious stage on December 9 in London to pitch their company to the audience of 400+ delegates from the world's top brands and agencies.

Meet the Small But Perfectly Formed-shortlisted startups below and register to attend Most Contagious here.



London-based Blaze has created a bike light that makes cyclists visible even when riding in a vehicle’s blind spot. It works by projecting a laser onto the road, six metres in front of the cyclist, that warns other vehicles of your presence.


Club Internet

Club Internet wants to onboard the unconnected. With offices in both San Francisco and Punjab, India, its Easy Internet app helps new users navigate the online world.



Dusseldorf-based Dolfi is a palm-sized washing device that uses ultrasound tech to clean delicates when on the go. People simply place it in a basin of soapy water for half an hour and the pressure-streams force dirt molecules out of garments.



A shocking 40% of food in the world is wasted. Filipino-based FoPo wants to change this by freeze-drying about-to-expire fruits and vegetables, turning them into into food powder. This extends the shelf life from two weeks to two years.



Shower of the future Nebia turns water into micro droplets, enveloping the user in a super-cleansing mist that uses 70% less water than a normal shower. The San Francisco-based company has been backed by the likes of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.



OneDrop is a startup on a mission to help diabetes sufferers manage their illness. Its user-friendly app can work out the sugar intake of a meal from a photo, tracks personal information and creates a patient community.



THINX make blood-absorbing underwear that keep women feeling dry and worry-free while on their period. For every pair purchased, the New York startup donates sanitary pads to women in Africa living in impoverished communities.



Table.lamp.chairs. This is what your future address could look like, according to what3words. The London-based company has divided the globe up into 57 trillion 3mx3m squares, creating a precise and memorable addressing system. 

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