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The Kooples / The smallest social network

by Contagious I/O

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French fashion brand creates networking app for couples

Contemporary French fashion brand The Kooples has designed a mobile app with lovers in mind. Dubbed the smallest social network, Blackout lets users stay in touch with only one person.

After the user enters their lover’s name and number, the app automatically sends their partner an invitation to join.

Once the two users are connected, a live couple timer counts every second of the relationship. Users can customise the background of the section as they wish, for example with a picture of their loved one.

People can use the app to interact through messages and send each other stylish black and white pictures. The app also includes a playful glitch picture mode. When activated, the sender can distort part of the image, but this can be revealed when the recipient swipes the screen (see video below).

Blackout helps partners have more quality time together too. If set to ‘blackout mode’, the app blocks all calls, texts and notifications.

Results / The agency reports that, 10 days after the release, the app it has acquired 25,000 daily users and 125,000 hours of Blackout have been spent between couples. The online films have generated a total of 1.5 million views. 

Via Paris-based agency Doers.


Contagious Insight / 

On brand / The Kooples brand revolves around men’s and women’s collections designed to complement each other, and so far this has guided the marketing. The brand has a history of telling the stories of authentic couples in its campaigns (see below), and Blackout sticks to this idea. With its customisable background and shareable option, the couple timer is a clever way for the brand to make fans feel part of its campaigns.

PR worthy / Even though we’ve seen apps like Pair and Coupledesigned for lovers and long-distance relationships, the interesting thing here is that Blackout comes from a brand and relates to its values. And, while we don’t see it taking off as a replacement for popular messaging apps, it could get some love from the media and therefore strengthen The Kooples' overall positioning around couples.


The Kooples Blackout


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