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Re-born to be alive / What are you waiting for?

by Contagious I/O

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Organ donation non-profit teaches Apple fans in Brussels a thing or two about queuing

Re-born to be alive, a Belgian non-profit organisation that encourages people to register as an organ donor, is on a constant recruitment drive for more Belgians to sign up as donors.

So the organisation decided to target people who have some idea what it means to wait: people in line outside Apple stores who are desperate to get their hands on the latest consumer electronics.

Through Antwerp-based agency Duval Guillaume, the organisation invited people who were waiting to receive a vital organ via donation to talk to those waiting for the Apple Store in Brussels to open its doors.

The film above features people who’ve been waiting for months, sometimes even years, for a donated organ talking to people who’ve been waiting up to two days to visit the new Apple store. Those waiting for new organs presented those queuing with an interesting exchange: the patients would take the place of the people queuing in line if they registered then and there to be an organ donor.



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The power of perspective / Patients in need of an organ understand what it’s like to wait a long time for something really important. That certainly reframes camping out overnight in front of a shop because you want a new smartphone or tablet. It’d take a truly heartless person to refuse such a direct appeal. Plus, as one guy in the film points out, it’s a good deal: not only does someone take their place in the queue but they also get to do a good deed, by becoming an organ donor, at the same time.

Captive audience / Other brands have been quick to spot the creative potential of a queue, aka a captive audience, parked outside the Apple store. In 2014, national youth homeless charity, Depaul UK, invited those in line to bid on eBay for someone else to take their place in the queue to make a point about the 2,000 young people who sleep rough on the streets every night - and not because they’re waiting to purchase a shiny new iPhone.

Creative queuing / Taking someone else’s place in the queue on their behalf is becoming a more popular tactic. As well as the Depaul UK example (above), in September 2015, Burger King in France introduced an app where people could request a personal assistant to queue for their Whopper. Meanwhile a Swedish theme park created a mobile game to alleviate the tedium of queuing for its most popular ride.

Driving donations / In 2013, we reported on Re-born to be alive’s initiative to take over defunct apps and use them to inform people about the benefits of organ donation. This was a really powerful way to show that organ donation is the ultimate recycling and occupy some premium space on people’s home screen. Yet our all-time favourite organ donation initiative was a crazy stunt from Brazil in 2013 where one of the country’s richest men buried his Bentley car. Intrigued to find out more?



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