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Georgian insurance company rewards eco-friendly behaviour and increases customers by 25%

Challenge /

Air pollution is a big problem in Tbilisi, Georgia, with the city producing nine times more fumes than the acceptable limit. This is mainly due to poorly maintained vehicles. Insurance company GPI Holding targeted eco-friendly drivers with special offers, but these had little impact. The brand needed to promote its special deals while convincing drivers to change their bad habits.

Solution /

Working with Tbilisi-based agency Leavingstone, GPI decided to create a fake tax on air. Pay For the Air You Breathe saw the brand launch a fake law enforcement squad called the Ecopolice. The team spent two days placing 60,000 pretend pollution fines, designed to look like parking tickets, on car windshields across the city.

People were directed towards a campaign site with an online tool that could calculate how harmful their car was for the environment. The less toxic the car, the better the insurance deal that was offered. The site also contained a guide on how to cut down pollution.

Results /

According to the agency, GPI Holding gained 25% more customers and increased sales leads by 400%. The campaign site received 65,000 page visits and the story appeared in media 152 times.


Contagious Insight /

Playing for purpose / Pay For the Air You Breathe injects the company with a social purpose. This will make it stand out among competitors as having a conscience. Globally, 91% of consumers will switch brands if another of similar price and quality supports a good cause, according to the 2013 Cone Communications/ Echo Global CSR Report.

Immediate rewards / GPI is not just raising awareness about the pollution problem, but is actually doing something about it by rewarding people for positive behaviour. Hopefully, if people start thinking that being more eco-friendly could benefit them on a personal, financial level they will start re-thinking their bad habits. The Behavioural Economics principle, ‘the power of now’ tells us that consumers engage less with future events than they do with current events. This could be why the reward of a cheaper insurance deal today is more motivating than that of a cleaner, less polluted future.

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