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Most Contagious 2015 / Exhibition

by Contagious Team

Delegates at this year’s Most Contagious were invited to interact with exciting technologies, products and services in our exhibition.

This year’s installations ranged from mind-controlled content to zero-gravity VR experiences.

MPC Creative / ACE

By moving their own bodies in front of a Kinect camera, guests were able to control the movements of Captain Aquafresh – the toothpaste brand’s superhero frontman. ACE is an animated character engine by MPC Creative that allows brands to speedily create content for social media.

Clear Channel / AI Poster

Audiences were able to see to Clear Channel’s artificially intelligent advert, which uses bespoke software to generate different ads, gauging feedback from passers-by via a specially adapted Microsoft Kinect camera. Over time, it learns which posters perform best, continually creating new iterations of the ad and killing off unsuccessful versions.

Framestore /

Delegates were transported to Castle Black's winch lift, thanks to Framestore’s Virtual Reality Studio showcasing its experience of Game of Thrones and Marvel Avengers. 

iMakr /

iMakr demoed its 3D printing equipment, creating miniature 3D printed models of the Most Contagious Startup Award for guests to take home as souvenirs.

This Place / MindRDR TV

Brain experts MindRDR TV challenged guests to control a content interface using only their minds. Delegates donned an EEG headset which recognises when the brain is in a meditative state. Focusing the mind triggers the ‘select’ action on the screen.

Musio /

Visitors could also meet and greet Musio, an artificially intelligent robot designed to learn and adapt based on what it observes.

Pavegen LIVE /

The crowds lined up to try out Pavegen LIVE, a tile that converts kinetic energy from footsteps into renewable electricity. Most Contagious visitors could be seen stomping and dancing to generate energy to power a display.

Flying Object / Tate Sensorium

Flying Object offered guests the chance to experience Tate Sensorium, an exhibition that took place this summer which saw famous works of art paired with specially developed sensory experiences. The creative agency paired a replica of Francis Bacon’s work Figure in a Landscape with a bitter-tasting chocolate to compliment the paintings dark tones, a diffuser that emanated the smell of soil and audio that helped to immerse the audience in the painting.

Volvo / LifePaint

Automaker and Most Contagious brand Volvo wowed the crowds with its award winning LifePaint, a reflective safety spray that can help cyclists keep safe at night. A team from Grey London, the agency behind the invention, demonstrated how the spray can be applied and handed out samples.

Small But Perfectly Formed /

Four of our favourite startups of 2015 showcased their amazing products, including Blaze and its laser equipped cycle-safety device and what3words with its unique global addressing system. Guests were treated to lemonade and powdered strawberries thanks to FoPo, the startup on a mission to combat food waste. Crowds also gathered around THINX’s period proof pants, checking out the innovative underwear which took home the Most Contagious 2015 Startup Award.


Most Contagious 2015 Report