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Volvo / New Car = Free Holiday

by Contagious I/O

This story originally appeared on Contagious I/O, our intelligence tool featuring the most creative and effective ideas in marketing from around the world

Auto brand offers a free trip to Sweden with every new Volvo sold in New Zealand

In a bid to increase new car sales, Swedish automotive brand Volvo is subsidising a trip to Sweden for New Zealanders who buy its cars. Until 31 March, Kiwis who buy a brand new Volvo car will be given a round trip for two to Gothenburg, Sweden.

The trip comprises flights, four nights' accommodation in a four star hotel and first class rail transport from Stockholm to Gothenburg. It also includes tours of Volvo’s brand experience centre, factory and museum.

The promotion, which runs for 12 weeks through six authorised Volvo car dealerships across New Zealand, is supported by TV and social media.


Contagious Insight / 

Appealing add-ons / This promotion is an original way to get people interested in Volvo, incentivising potential customers to consider the brand. And Kiwis need an incentive to buy Volvos. According to the Motor Industry Association, 243 Volvo cars were sold in New Zealand in 2015, making it less popular than other car brands (Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Fiat sold 1273, 880 and 664 respectively). What’s more, given the 31 March deadline, the Swedish trip might just provide the final nudge to purchase.

Positive PR / As well as generating publicity and goodwill, this promotion also builds on Volvo’s marketing strategy which aims to depart from sector norms. In our 2015 Volvo case study, Alain Visser, senior vice-president of marketing, said: ‘If you look at what the car industry does from a marketing and sales point of view and you compare it with 50 years ago, not a lot has changed. Whether it’s Volkswagen or BMW or Toyota, the marketing they are doing follows the same recipe. They all do 30-second TV commercials, sponsorships, motor shows, print advertisements. That cannot be the recipe for a small, differentiated manufacturer like us.’ Over the last 14 months, this strategy has already spawned LifePaint and Google Cardboard test drives for a car that hadn’t even been manufactured.

Made by Sweden / Finally, Volvo’s Swedish roots are an authentic part of its brand. This promotion links back to Volvo’s motherland, immersing new customers in its heritage with product-centric experiences.

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This story originally appeared on Contagious I/O, our intelligence tool featuring the most creative and effective ideas in marketing from around the world. I/O helps anyone in the world of marketing understand why brands are innovating, how they're doing it and with what success.

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