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Sports brand launches holistic wellness app

Adidas has released a new lifestyle app designed to support people with their entire wellness routine. All Day, developed in partnership with Uncorked Studios, Portland, is structured around its four pillars of athletic performance: movement, nutrition, mindset and rest.

The app helps users monitor their progress, as well as learn new health tips through content its calls ‘discoveries’. These provide advice based on the latest scientific research and are delivered by relevant influencers. For example, there are recipes from chef Candice Kumai, a workout video by celebrity trainer Stephen Cheuk and DJ Nina Las Vegas has created a mix designed to help users get to sleep at night.

There are currently 13 discoveries within the app and the brand plans to add new content each month. Users can select the discoveries that interest them most and create their own personalised game plan.

All Day is currently only available in the US but will expand to other markets later in the year. Adidas is promoting the app with community events in global cities, as well as through influencer partnerships.


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On trend utility / There is an abundance of wellness apps on the market, from activity trackers to guided meditation platforms. Adidas is offering something new by stringing different elements of well-being together. By providing a useful, everyday service through an owned-platform, the brand can hope to drive affinity for the brand and put its products front of mind when users need to buy sportswear.

MIT professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee talk extensively about how the companies most well adapted to the digital age are shifting from being merely just providers of commodity products to owners of platforms that connect people.

The premise of the app also reflects an overall shift in attitude from wellness being predominantly about physical health, to a more holistic approach. In the US, 18 million people (8%) now meditate and last year 22% of employers offered mindfulness training, according to the National Health Interview Survey and the National Business Group on Health, respectively. Similarly, there has been a resurgence of interest in ancient Ayurveda medicine (see Google Trends data below). The Eastern medical system focuses on how lifestyle can prevent disease and how food, exercise, mindfulness, massage, sleeping patterns and herbal remedies work together to cultivate good health.

Based in science / The plethora of wellness apps out there means All Day also has a lot to compete with. To make sure the app is as relevant, robust and cutting-edge as possible, Adidas has invested in research and partnerships.

For example, the brand has partnered with the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world, The American College of Sports Medicine, and its long-standing partner and human-performance specialist EXOS has helped design practical tools within the application.

The app’s credentials will help it resonate with its target audience, which according to the brand’s research find the plethora of health advice and ‘science’ online conflicting and confusing. All Day provides them with a trusted and definitive source of wellness information.


This story originally appeared on Contagious I/O, our intelligence tool featuring the most creative and effective ideas in marketing from around the world. I/O helps anyone in the world of marketing understand why brands are innovating, how they're doing it and with what success.

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