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Burger King / Playing With Food

by Contagious I/O

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Restaurant chain reaches out to e-sports enthusiasts with PlayStation food delivery service

Burger King is enabling gamers in Spain to order fast food from within the PlayStation platform.

The restaurant chain is partnering with nine professional gamers who will appear in multiplayer PlayStation 4 games, including Call of Duty, FIFA and Grand Theft Auto, to not only help gamers but also take their Burger King delivery food orders.

The Burger Clan campaign, created with LOLA Mullenlowe Madrid, will launch on the weekend of 28 April and last throughout May. To take part, gamers need to set up a Burger King delivery account with their payment and address details and go on the PlayStation Network. Using their mics, they can then place their order from within the game they’re playing and take advantage of Burger King’s €9.99 ($10.62) special deal.

Burger King will be promoting the campaign with YouTube influencers, a demo video, media, and a launch event in Madrid’s city centre. The agency has said that the campaign could potentially roll out to other key markets, including the UK, Germany and France at a later date.


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Going for gamers / According to the agency, the main objective behind this campaign was to help Burger King get a foot into the e-sports world, as a large portion of the brand’s target audience is into gaming. Considering the rapid rise of e-sports, it’s no surprise that Burger King has set its sights on this area. The global e-sports economy is expected to hit $696m this year and will make almost $1.5bn by 2020, a report by esports analytics firm Newzoo found. So brands can not only reap big rewards by infiltrating this category, but for those with a cross-over target audience, like Burger King it’s an opportunity too big to ignore. As Tobias Sherman, global head of esports at talent agency powerhouse WME-IMG, told AdAge, ‘If you are a CMO and you are not in e-sports in 2017, you are going to risk getting fired.’

Building behaviour / This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen food brands play in the gaming space. When Pizza Hut made it possible for Xbox 360 users to order through Microsoft’s platform in 2013, the brand reportedly sold $1m worth of pizza in the first four months of the initiative. And that same year Domino’s set up a branded team in Activision’s Call of Duty game.

Since Burger King’s campaign hasn’t launched yet it’s too early to predict customer response. But we can imagine that gamers would welcome the chance to play popular PlayStation games with their e-sports heroes. While Burger King’s delivery service has been available in Spain for a while, this gives people who aren’t already signed up a reason to register, making ordering from the fast food brand faster and more convenient next time they get a craving for a burger and fries. By introducing the combo of Burger King home delivery and a night with a games console as a perfect partnership, the brand is hoping to establish a habit that gamers will continue long after the campaign ends.



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