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Cannes Lions / Cognitive Creativity Playbook

by Alex Jenkins

Date + location: Monday 19 June, 16:00 – 16:45, Debussy Theatre

Join Contagious and SapientRazorfish on the main stage at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity as we explore and explain the impact of intelligent systems on creativity and marketing. Our Cognitive Creativity Playbook seminar will be hosted by our own editorial director, Alex Jenkins, and SapientRazorfish’s ECD of cognitive experiences, Christopher Follett. During the talk, they will lay out the background to cognitive creativity, separate the hype from reality and give the audience an understanding of how algorithmic intelligence can help brands become more consumer-centric.

The seminar, broken down into three sections covering evaluation, interaction and generation, will be brought to life with mind-blowing examples of computational creativity from the world of marketing and beyond. Each area will then be broken down into its functional components, so attendees can understand how it works and get some practical advice from an experienced practitioner. If you’ve ever wondered if a computer could one day be considered creative, be able to autonomously build brands or take your job, this session will answer all your questions.

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