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Cannes Lions / Creative Data Winners

by Chloe Markowicz

The Creative Data jury at the 2016 Cannes Lions Festival awarded the top prize to a project that managed to create a brand new painting by a long-dead Renaissance artist, thanks to the magic of technology.

Dutch bank ING, and its agency J.Walter Thompson in Amsterdam, won the Grand Prix for The Next Rembrandt. This digitally-engineered artwork was formed out of 168,263 painting fragments taken from the famed artist’s body of work.

Tash Whitmey, Creative Data jury president and group chief executive officer at Havas Helia, said that the jury ‘pretty much unanimously’ agreed that The Next Rembrandt was deserving of the Grand Prix.

Whitmey explained that the campaign met the jury’s criteria of ‘work that would be inspiring to other people, work that delivered simplicity out of complexity and work where data and creativity are intrinsically linked’. The jury saw The Next Rembrandt as a beacon for the Creative Data category, as well as the data industry. ‘It shows how to take many different sources of data and fuse them in a way that we found inspiring and a little bit scary,’ Whitmey said.

Given that this is only the second year that the Creative Data has existed at the Cannes Lions Festival, Whitmey said that the jury felt it was important to create some guidance for the category. It was critical, she said that the Grand Prix winner was ‘something that stood for creativity in its broadest sense’. While last year, Whitmey said, the work entered was either creative or data-driven, this year the jury awarded creativity that was fuelled by data. Speaking about the winner she added: ‘This is such a tremendous example of [the fact that] it doesn’t need to be either/or, it has to be both together.’

Beyond the Grand Prix-winner, Whitmey said that the jury was impressed by ‘an incredible amount of inspiring and diverse work’. In total the Creative Data jury awarded five Gold Lions:

- Gascale / Mabe / via Maruri Grey, Guayaquil

- The Emotional Trailer / Melbourne International Film Festival / via McCann Melbourne

- Live Logo / Inec: National Statistics Institute / via Maruri Grey, Guayaquil

- The Field Trip to Mars / Lockheed Martin / via McCann New York

- The Second Scoreboard / Teletica, Inamu, Fedefutbol / via J.Walter Thompson Costa Rica, San Jose


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