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Contagious 47 / Out Now

by Contagious Team

The latest issue of Contagious is out now, with a rainbow vomit-coloured cover celebrating our Brand Spotlight on Snapchat. Here's a sneak preview of what else we've covered

Copies of the latest Contagious Magazine are on their way to subscribers and the content can be accessed online here.

This issue features a Spotlight on Snapchat, which looks at how brands can create a presence on the hottest platform of the moment. Snapchat's expansion into content has taken a little under six months and has opened up new avenues for brands to reach over 100 million super-engaged young people.

This issue's other Brand Spotlight on Åhléns looks at how the department store had become a kind of wallpaper brand on the Swedish high street. To break out of this, the company has started standing up for social and environmental issues in ways the public can’t ignore.

The importance of an organisation’s culture is a recurring theme in this issue. We speak to leaders of Contagious Pioneer agencies, such as Droga5's David Droga, Grey London's Nils Leonard, R/GA's Nick Law and Forsman & Bodenfors' Erik Sollenberg, to get under the skin of the world’s best and bravest agencies and learn how they consistently deliver exceptional work.

Dan Gardener, co-author of Superforecasting, explains the attitudes and habits that anyone can adopt to come up with incredibly accurate forecasts, while in Peak Performance we look at how businesses are using technology to improve internal communications and collaboration.

We also assess the hype surrounding Chatbots. Our feature provides a practical guide to creating a branded bot, from software to syntax. 

Carlo Ratti, director of MIT's Smart Cities Lab, tells us how digital technology is changing the way we live and work, while also sharing ideas on what the cities of the future might look like.

Urban environments are also set to be transformed by autonomous vehicles. Chris Barth argues that this transportation evolution will drive forward opportunities for contextual brand experiences.

Online discovery is evolving beyond keyword search, as retailers realise that image- and speech-recognition tools can make shopping online simpler, more personalised and more intuitive. Our In Focus piece on Humanising Online Retail highlights the opportunities and shares the best examples. 

Finally, our strategy spotlight looks at the flaming success of Burger King's McWhopper campaign, and we cover energy company Enel's audacious new strategy and commitment to renewables.

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