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The story behind the cover / Issue 54

by Sophia Epstein

Rethink in Toronto produced our latest cover: a super macro shot of a blade of grass. It represents Scotts Miracle-Gro, the North American market leader in the gardening space. We feature the company, and how it’s using technology, influencers and legalised weed, to stay relevant to young consumers.

The cover needed to represent the brand, and this is how we got there.

We wanted something grassy – a logical choice for a lawncare brand. But we didn’t think about how challenging finding lush grass would be in Toronto in January. Mowing the Contagious logo into an overgrown field was out (due to several inches of snow), but luckily the team at Rethink have reliable imaginations.

Jake Bundock, associate creative director and art director at the agency (and self-confessed grass superfan), took us through a variety of ideas – from a lenticular design (with grass growing in as its moved) to a scratch off cover. After a bit of deliberation, we decided on the cover Jake said would be the hardest to accomplish, but still his favourite: the macro shot.

So, confident that they could find at least one piece of grass in snowy Toronto, we left them to it.

The Rethink team worked with photographer and post-production artist Stephen MacLeod, who used a lens reversing kit and a wide angle zoom to achieve the super macro stills they needed.

And yes, they genuinely cut our logo out of a piece of grass! They haven’t divulged how many attempts were needed but the largest of the pieces measured about 3mm high by 0.5mm wide.

The smallest Contagious logo ever? Definitely one of the coolest. Subscribers - you'll be the first to see the finished product when the magazines are shipped in early March. Everyone else, stay tuned on 

Joel Holtby: Partner / Creative Director
Jake Bundock: Associate Creative Director / Art Director
Stephen MacLeod | : Photographer / Post Production Artist
Scott Lyons: Account Director