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Daydream Destinations

by Contagious I/O

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Travel booking site creates tool to let people book flights from screensavers


To inspire UK customers to book a holiday, Kayak has created a collection of desktop wallpapers showing stunning travel destinations, from tropical beaches to glacial ice tunnels.


The Kayak Desktop Escape tool, created by McCann London, includes a tab at the top of the screen which reveals the cheapest flight options for that destination. Users simply click through to book the holiday.


The tool can be downloaded for free on Kayak’s website.


Hijacking existing behaviour / Many people already have a carousel of beautiful travel shots as a screensaver on their computer. Especially during the winter months, Brits will likely end up gazing wistfully at these photos, dreaming of an adventure abroad. ‘We all know that dire feeling of sitting at your desk staring at some pretty desktop picture, wondering where the hell it is and wishing you were there,’ said Laurence Thomson, chief creative officer at McCann London. ‘Well now thanks to Desktop Escape you don’t have to settle for just looking at your dream holiday – you can take it.’

Kayak has spotted a great opportunity to align its brand with people’s travelling daydreams. But it’s also turned inspiration into action by including a seamless path to purchase. Kayak has found the most natural place to get people thinking about their next break, especially considering that 85% of Brits book holidays on a laptop or desktop, according to the ABTA’s 2017 Holiday Habits Report.

Encouraging impulse decisions / The travel industry is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, thanks to improving economies, airline competition driving down the cost of flights and the trend towards investing in experiences over possessions. However, the growth of the sector means that there are more holiday destinations to visit than ever before. This can result in consumers suffering from choice paralysis, where the sheer number of places to choose from becomes debilitating (a very first-world problem, granted).

Kayak has got around this problem by curating a small selection of destinations and then allowing people to book in an instant. Designed to encourage impulse decisions, the tool helps prevent users from doing lots of research and getting overwhelmed.