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eBay / High Intensity Interval Shopping

by Contagious I/O

This story originally appeared on Contagious I/O, our intelligence tool featuring the most creative and effective ideas in marketing from around the world

Online marketplace opens an emotionally-powered pop up store to ease the pressure of Christmas shopping

Earlier this month eBay released the findings from a biometric study into the emotional highs and lows of British shoppers at Christmas. The results showed that participants’ heart rates tend to increase by 33% while in search of the perfect gift – similar to what they’d feel while running a marathon.

So, to ease the shopping experience and support the Giving Tuesday movement, the online marketplace created a two day pop-up store in London which encouraged people to embrace High Intensity Interval Shopping – short bursts of shopping that leave customers less stressed.

The Ultimate Do Good, Feel Good shop, created in partnership with technology company Lightwave, tells people which gifts to buy based on their facial reactions to the products. Potential shoppers were invited to enter a booth with a large screen and input their details such as name, email, age and gender. They were then shown 12 different items from eBay’s inventory for 10 seconds each.

A camera using bio-analytic technology and facial coding detected shoppers’ reactions to each product. At the end of the experience, people were emailed a list with the items the technology determined they favoured the most. They were also given the option to purchase those products, with a percentage of the sales from every item going towards selected charities from eBay’s charity programme, such as British Heart Foundation and Whizz Kids.

EBay’s Do Good, Feel Good initiative is still running online until 5 December 2016.


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Betting on emotion / With the proliferation of smartphones and the increased uptake of wearables and other connected products, computers become more and more accurate at measuring our emotions, moods and feelings. Marketers can use this technology to optimise their content, plan the best media strategy and provide relevant recommendations to consumers.

And while the public is now familiar with the self-quantification movement, the use of technology to determine someone’s emotional state or mood still has a novelty factor that can arouse people’s curiosity. The pop-up shop uses this to attract potential shoppers and pick up the media’s interest.

More than a marketplace / By showing people potential gift ideas, eBay shows that it’s more than just an auction site. The company was also pushing this message earlier in the year. For example, it enlisted supermodel Karlie Kloss for a campaign targeting millennials in which the influencer curated a collection of tech, fashion and home items to show that 80% of items sold on eBay are new, while 86% are sold at a fixed price.



This story originally appeared on Contagious I/O, our intelligence tool featuring the most creative and effective ideas in marketing from around the world. I/O helps anyone in the world of marketing understand why brands are innovating, how they're doing it and with what success.

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