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by Contagious Team

The Most Contagious 2016 Report, our round up of the key movements, trends, creative work and ideas of the year is available as a free download. Get a burst of Contagious goodness to recap 2016 and set you up for the new year.

The Contagious team not only made it through 2016 but, against better judgement, looked back over this most turbulent of years to find the key developments in tech, marketing and consumer behaviour for our Most Contagious Report:

Above all else, 2016 was the year of machine learning. We probe this subset of AI, which is behind driverless cars and DeepMind, to see if it really is ‘the greatest business opportunity of our time’. We also look at the brands exploring the new realities (virtual, augmented and mixed) and examine the creative opportunities presented by this technology.

Should social media be added to the extensive list of 2016 deaths? No, but the trend for these platforms to act more like traditional media channels has provoked an identity crisis that we explore. We also have a good gas about chatbots and other human language inputs, which represent the next frontier of user interface.

The ‘grow fast, lose money, go public’ model of certain tech startups gets scrutinised and Laurence Blair, the deputy editor of The Economist’s The World In 2017 magazine reminds us why 2016 was bruising for forecasters before throwing caution to the wind and making his own projections for 2017.

Feel free to tell us what you think of our analysis, and to share the report with colleagues. Happy holidays to you all.


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