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Global Ads Chart / July 2016

by Contagious Contributor

With the Rio Olympics dominating the conversation, it’s no surprise that July’s top 10 most shared ads as tracked by Unruly Media are feeling particularly sporty. Whether you’re in it for the athletic prowess or simply national pride, this month’s ads offers something for all sports fans.

As predicted, Channel 4’s We’re The Superhumans leads the pack, and rightly so. A kinetic and inspiring mix of athleticism, big band swing and perfect comic timing, Channel 4 has produced one of 2016’s best sports adverts in its ode to the Paralympics. Building on the success of 2012’s Meet the Superhumans, the television channel zipped ahead with over 1,200,000 shares.

But Channel 4 is not the only media outlet celebrating sports. At number 2, Sky Sports turns its attention to the Premier League, with advertising-stalwart David Beckham taking a brisk jog through a tense football season.

Channel 4 and Sky Sports aren’t the only sports promoters on this month’s list either, with long-time Super Bowl sponsor Kia Motors producing an enigmatic longboarding spot that sped to the top of our charts. Free Your Inner Spirit is a meandering and rather beautiful look at a dangerous, but graceful sport. Starring celebrated longboarder James Kelly, the ad turns its focus away from Kia’s product yet somehow ends up being one of the most captivating automobile spots we’ve seen in some time.

Similarly gripping are PSAs from UNICEF and Bosch, discussing child homelessness and the burgeoning cassava industry in Nigeria. New in this month at number 3, Would you stop if you saw this little girl on the street? (above) follows a classic PSA social experiment format, dressing up the same child actor in different clothes to see how the general public reacts to her. While these kind of gut-wrenching PSAs aren’t as common as they were a year ago, UNICEF’s effort demonstrates that the style can still hit home, as the result is surprisingly difficult to watch. At number 5, Nature Valley also features its share of adorable kids.

In the number 4 spot, Chanel has released a surprisingly upbeat and genuinely rather interesting behind-the-scenes look into how its collections come together. With over 175,000 shares this month, the spot is essential viewing for anyone fascinated by the fashion world. Of slightly more niche interest is Boeing’s latest flight demonstration for the grandly-named Dreamliner. While we’re sure it’s an incredible feat of engineering, footage of a plane taking off isn’t hugely accessible to the everyday punter. Honestly, we’re more intrigued to see what First Class looks like.

Finally, Pond’s sneaks in at number 8 with an incredibly quick spot pushing its new skin regimen and Ebay India rounds out the list with the very charming The Sound of Happiness, which turns all the noises associated with buying something online and mixes it into a jaunty tune. We hear door bells ring, letterboxes opening and boxes ripped in two. Not included is the annoyed yelp when you realise they’ve sent you the wrong thing.

See you next month!

1. Channel 4 – Were The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer

2. Sky Sports – Biggest Ever Season

3. Unicef – Would you stop if you saw this little girl on the street?

4. Chanel – Making-of the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Haute Couture CHANEL Collection

5. Nature Valley – We’re With You

6. Kia Motors – Free Your Inner Spirit

7. Boeing – Amazing! The beauty of Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner on display

8. Pond’s – The New Pond’s Skin Regimen

9. Bosch: How Bosch Technology helps to improve the life of African communities: Cassava in Nigeria

10. Ebay India – The Sound of Happiness