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Global Ads Chart – June 2016

by Contagious Contributor

June 2016 will have to go down in history as one of the most jam-packed months of all time. Just to recap if you weren’t paying attention: the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, subsequently causing every other person in the country to retire (with one notable exception). Meanwhile, beloved comedians, writers and filmmakers passed away and Coldplay headlined Glastonbury. And all this while Euro 2016 was going on!

Suffice to say that the world of online advertising had a lot to compete with in June, and maybe it’s unsurprising that inspiration and escapism is a noticeable trend among the top 10 ads of the month. In the face of a rather bleak period of current affairs, Nike’s latest campaign is a technicolour, bubblegum delight.

Inspired by body-switch comedies like Freaky Friday or 13 Going On 30, the ad finds Cristiano Ronaldo (no stranger to viral adverts) miraculously swapping lives with a British teenager. The longest ad Nike has ever produced, The Switch, contains all the glitz and glamour of its iconic campaigns, but with a little added levity. Switching up the formula certainly did the trick, with The Switch being by far the most shared ad of Euro 2016.

The Switch is not the only Nike to make the cut this month, with its rather more serious Worth The Wait also making the top 10. A dramatic montage celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers’ historic NBA title win, the ad is more tonally buttoned-down than its nimble, silly partner (it’s also LeBron James’ second feature this month, thanks to Beats by Dre). The same goes for Porsche’s Formula 1 spot at number 8, which managed 72,000 shares last month.

Meanwhile, Volvo’s Prologue, at number 10, recounts the life and genius of Paris St Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic through a moody montage of him driving around the French capital. If nothing else, the spot is beautifully shot and conveys exactly what would happen if you remade The Great Beauty with a professional footballer. adidas’ Silence The Doubters works on a similar level, chronicling rising Filipino basketball star, Gerry Abadiano.

Of course, the high points of June’s most shared ads aren’t simply sports-based capers. At the number two spot, UNICEF produces a simple and startling PSA about how we perceive children. Dressing up the same child actor twice, once as a middle-class tyke and then as a street child, the ad demonstrates how these perceptions affect the behaviour of the people around her.

It’s perhaps sadly unsurprising that this change is so pronounced, with one child receiving care and asked where her parents are, while the other is ignored and prompts people to hide their valuables. Like all the best PSAs, Would You Stop If You Saw This Girl? has a concept which speaks for itself, and will surely leave viewers thinking about the issue.

If you’re reading this, you’re also probably aware Pokémon Go was released this week, forever tarnishing school and workplace productivity forever.

But Samsung got the jump on celebrating phone gaming back in June with its big-budget teaser for its exclusive Injustice edition Galaxy smartphone, a tie-in with the massively popular DC fighting game. Shot like a Zack Snyder film, you might argue that it’s a little frivolous to shoot quite so many glorious angles of a simple phone unboxing – but then again, Chanel’s spot at number 7 is about Kristen Stewart sitting at a desk, so anything goes!

Finishing off the top 10 is 2014 ad Real Dad Moments, thrust back into the spotlight again due to Father’s Day.

Top 10 ads

1. Nike – The Switch

2. UNICEF – Would you stop if you saw this girl?

3. Beats By Dre. – [Ready] ft. LeBron James

4. Samsung Mobile – Injustice Edition

5. Nike – Worth The Wait

6. Adidas – Silence the Doubters

7. Chanel – Kristen Stewart in the Paris in Rome

8. Porsche – Porsche at Le Mans 2016

9. Dove Men+Care – Real Dad Moments

10. Volvo – V90 Prologue