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Houdini / Tasty Wardrobe

by Contagious I/O

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Swedish sportswear brand creates dishes with veggies grown from its composted clothing

Houdini, a Swedish outdoor apparel brand, makes its garments only from 100% biodegradable materials, such as pure wool without synthetics. So, to show just how natural its clothes are, the brand turned them into food.

The company worked with McCann Nordics in Stockholm to create the Houdini Menu. The brand first collected worn out sportswear from customers. It then removed the elastic from the clothes and put the remaining fabric into a compost.

In six months, the garments decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, amongst other properties. Houdini worked with Gunnar Eriksson, one of Scandinavia’s leading composting experts, to mix the Houdini substances with normal planting soil, which were then used as a fertiliser.

The brand collaborated with renowned chef Sebastian Thureson to create a vegetarian fine-dining experience made from vegetables and herbs grown using special sportswear-infused soil. In April 2017, people were invited to taste the Houdini dinner – a four course vegetarian meal – at Agrikultur Restaurant in Stockholm.

Houdini’s customers receive a pack of the soil and recipes for the dishes created by Sebastian Thureson when they purchase any product from the brand’s new collection.


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Dramatising a key product benefit / Instead of talking how natural the clothes are, the Houdini Menu demonstrates the brand’s commitment to creating biodegradable garments in a creative and unexpected way. ‘It’s important that you do not use material which contains toxic substances because it can destroy the process and makes the compost material unusable,’ the microsite says. Making dishes out of soil grown from the brand’s fabrics is a testament to Houdini’s confidence in creating products that are good for the planet and its people.

Sustainable promise / Apparel is the second most polluting industry (only behind oil), accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions. As the issue has reached mainstream media in recent years, consumers are increasingly demanding that brands not only create good products but to also think about their effect on the environment. The Houdini Menu positions the company as a purposeful player and exemplifies its founding principles – to combine sustainability and functionality for feel-good, do-good garments. ‘We want to maximize everyone’s outdoor experience without having a negative environmental impact on our planet. By growing vegetables from worn out garments, we want to show how beautiful it can be when we manage to close the loop,’ said Eva Karlsson, CEO of the company in an official statement.



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