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Contagious / Issue 53 Preview

by Contagious Team

Copies of the latest issue of Contagious are being sent to subscribers right now. To whet your appetite, here are some of this quarters highlights. Or, if you cant wait to start reading, subscribers can head here to read the issue online. 

BrewDog has gone from pipe dream to billion-dollar brand in just 10 years. In our Brand Spotlight, Emily Hare looks at how the brewer is maintaining its authentic and rebellious personality as it grows in a dog-eat-dog world.

Many big-box retailers are struggling in the age of ecommerce, but REI is bucking the trend. In our Brand Spotlight, James Swift explores how it is doubling down on its mission to help Americans get the most from the outdoors.

This issue features Most Contagious, our review of the key issues affecting
advertising and marketing this year. The report tackles 2017's most pressing marketing challenges: from politics to transparency, automation to modern masculinity and how to win in 2018.

Many businesses believe that their brand is their biggest asset, but Linda Bernardi, IBM’s former chief innovation officer, tells Sophia Epstein why it could also be their greatest enemy.

We speak to Alibaba’s CMO, Chris Tung, about how the world’s most successful ecommerce platform is restructuring the retail industry and using data to reboot the marketing ecosystem.

Convenience retail is developing a growing fascination with automation, intent on pioneering slick, staff-free customer experiences. Katrina Dodd looks at brands on the front line, such as Alibaba, which is starting a retail revolution.

As if that wasnt enough, another challenge for retailers and brands is that traditional loyalty schemes are worn out, predictable and no longer competitive. Kate Hollowood explores the steps brands must take to retain devoted customers.

We also tackle a question that preoccupies many readers: how to brief for Contagious marketing. Sophia Epstein speaks to world-class CMOs and highly-awarded planners to find out how brands can brief their agencies to produce exceptional work.

There’s also a selection of startups - such as online retailer Brandless and automated mobile store Wheelys - taking on some of retail’s most pressing problems, and the world’s best creative and strategy, showcasing the most inspirational creative ideas of the quarter and the thinking behind them. 

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