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Lush / A Very Long Soak

by Contagious I/O

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Cosmetics retailer launches slow TV show in the UK


Lush is inviting viewers to watch a video of its bath bombs exploding for hours on end. The three-hour-and-29-minute-long Lush Moods: Bath Art programme is designed to be soothing and meditative. The colourful bath bombs slowly dissolve in the tub to the sound of bird song, casting mesmerising, marble-like patterns in the water.

Bath bomb

Bath Art is the first episode of the Lush Moods series and can be viewed on the brand’s media platform, The Lush Player. The advert-free content hub has been created to broadcast news stories, live events and films.



Taking it slow / Slow TV, which emanates from Norway, has proven to be a successful format for brands. The appeal to customers is that it provides a change of pace from hectic modern day life and the bitesize, fast-moving content broadcast on social media. Meanwhile, it gives brands the opportunity to engage customers for significantly longer than a traditional TV spot.

For example, this year Domino’s launched the Recovery Channel on New Year’s Day to help soothe people’s hangovers. The pop-up TV station featured cute animals, babbling brooks and beautiful sunsets for 24 hours and helped Domino’s increase year-on-year sales by 19.3%. ‘If you’re trying to communicate a message, having one that’s just running continuously, minute after minute, hour after hour, actually feels like the right strategy versus a more traditional, 30 second spot,’ Peter Grenfell, managing director at VCCP London, told us.

The beauty of Bath Art is that the product is the star of the show. By showing off the bath bombs as if they were an art form, and adding the relaxing sounds of bird song, Lush is able to demonstrate the emotional benefits of its products.

Taking content further / While creating a unique video player platform might seem like a punchy move for a cosmetics brand, Lush has an audience primed for engaging with its content.

Storytelling has always been at the heart of Lush. Founded as an ethical business, the brand has a history of campaigning for the issues that its staff and fans care about. For example, it recently launched its #TransRightsAreHumanRights initiative in North America, which featured films and articles about how to become a trans ally.

But with Lush, storytelling isn’t confined to individual campaigns. It is present at every customer touch point, with the products encased in a narrative. Each item is given a characterful name and presented with a detailed list of its ingredients and benefits. On the Lush website, some products are even linked to relevant articles. For example, a sparkly bath bomb is paired with a piece about how some glitter is made from plastics linked to child labour and environmental damage.

Lush has already established itself as a credible source of news and content, and The Lush Player enables the brand to take its storytelling and campaigning to the next level. The platform is also helping the company be even more transparent with fans by offering them a closer look behind-the-scenes. For example, it’s 2018 Lush Summit was livestreamed on the hub, allowing anyone to tune in and join the discussion on issues such as the use of palm oil.