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Pollution pens, virtual clothes and 3D works of art

by Contagious Team

Each year at Most Contagious, we invite the inspiring people and forward-thinking companies that have been featured in Contagious Magazines Wildfire section to showcase their projects.

On 7 December in London, get up close and hands-on with the need-to-know technologies, products and services that will reshape the future. Limited spaces available. Book now.

Our exhibition includes:

HoloLens / The wireless headset by Microsoft, that goes beyond virtual or augmented reality to project mixed-reality holograms, which look and sound like they’re part of the physical world around you.

SkinterfaceThe Skinterface suit allows wearers to feel a variety of sensations in their bodies during a virtual reality experience, making it even more immersive. This could be feeling a gust of wind against their skin or reaching out and feeling the texture of a virtual object. Designed by a group of Royal College of Art graduates, the technology works by reacting to the vibrations in soundwaves.

The Next Rembrandt / We’re delighted to have a real masterpiece in our exhibition this year, in the form of ING Bank’s The Next Rembrandt. More than 300 years after the Dutch artist’s death, technology has brought his artistry ‘back to life’ with this digitally engineered painting. The Next Rembrandt is comprised of 168,263 painting fragments taken from the artist’s body of work and was created by ING Bank with J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam and Microsoft.

Pure Human / Tina Gorjanc’s Pure Human project uses DNA as the starting point for her fashion collection. The Central Saint Martins student’s range of leather clothes and accessories shows how genetic information could be extracted from someone’s hair and used to grow skin that mimics the original tissue. The collection’s actually made from pig skin, but highlights issues around the exploitation of genetic material.

Air Ink / Tiger Beer worked with MIT Media Lab spin-off Graviky Labs and Marcel Sydney to turn air pollutants into ink for artists to use. The project saw over 150 litres of Air-Ink created by attaching a device to the exhaust pipes of cars, boats and cranes in India and Hong Kong – equivalent to 2500 hours’ worth of diesel car emissions.

Neuro / A new tailoring system allows clothes to be created virtually, without designers ever having to touch the fabric. The brain child of French designer Clement Balavoine, Neuro and its Daz3D software provides a simulated fitting-model based on 3D scans of real people. Designers can then use the program to create virtual photo shoots or alter a garment’s size, shape or fabric. The finished product can be 3D printed or laser cut.

Vinaya / London-based startup Vinaya creates beautiful wearable jewellery that is designed to minimise the distraction of smartphones. The necklaces, bracelets and rings vibrate to alert the wearer only when they receive an important call or notification. Users can customise the settings via an accompanying app.

Microsoft Surface Posture Scanner / Microsoft’s Real Time Posture Scanner – developed with JMW, Stockholm – is an interactive billboard that uses Kinect technology to analyse people’s posture. The billboard was hosted in a busy business district of the Swedish capital, highlighting the fact that one in four Swedes carries too much on a daily basis, a problem that its lightweight Surface Pro 4 tablet and laptop could solve.

Make a Computer Kano’s creative computing kits allow people to build a computer in a way that is as simple and fun as Lego. Once built, users can complete coding challenges, gain kudos in the community and share their own creations. The London-based company has sold over 100,000 versions of its kit in 86 countries.

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Most Contagious, in London on 7 December, is our annual, uniquely curated event celebrating the best marketing and creativity of the last 12 months, with a look too see how this will impact 2017. 

Throughout the day we’ll be exploring some of the most contagious trends, including Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and Gender, with speakers from HoloLens, Barbie, 72andSunny and Axe; and celebrating the most successful campaigns of the year, including The Next Rembrandt and Swedish Number with the chief creatives from each of those agencies sharing their insights on stage.

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