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Renault / Carzaam

by Contagious I/O
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Challenge / Continuous use of cars can make some parts come loose, causing the vehicle to make worrying noises. However, around 85% of the time, these problems are something that drivers could fix themselves instead of going to a specialist.

Solution / Renault created an app that detects vehicle damage by sound. The Carzaam app, developed by Maruri Grey in Ecuador, works on the same principle as the popular Shazam app: people simply tap the app, which listens to the car noise and detects the problem.

Carzaam was created by a team of sound engineers and mechanics who built a database of sounds by recording the most common problems of all Renault models. Once the noise has been identified, the app shows how drivers can fix the problem themselves with a simple step by step tutorial. If the issue is critical, it will offer assistance and automatically book an appointment with an authorised Renault centre.

Results / The agency reports that unnecessary visits to specialist mechanic centres decreased by 80% among app users.

Contagious Insight

Don’t panic / Driving anxiety is a real condition and, more often than not, has nothing to do with being involved in car accidents. News organisation Driving Anxiety reports that between 5% to 10% of drivers globally experience fear of driving at some point in their lives, sometimes due to a sense of incompetency and lacking understanding in their cars. Numerous sources suggest that a good way to overcome this feeling is to educate yourself, get familiar with the car manual and learn some basic mechanics such as how to change a tire, fill up washer liquid or replace fuses.

Carzaam updates the car manual for the digital age, making it easy for people to both easily detect problems and then fix it themselves without fear of damaging the car because they’re not expert mechanics. And with standard vehicle inspections costing between $150 and $250, the app saves drivers money and positions Renault as a brand that has its customers’ interests in mind.